End Citizens United And James Bopp – The New Focus In Washington

In 2008 an unassuming lawyer by the name of James Bopp approached three federal judges in court in order to argue for something that would be politically game-changing: the freedom to loosen restrictions on campaign regulations. Bopp, now known as the founder of Citizens United, wanted to loosen these regulations and restrictions so that special interests and corporate billionaires could flood Washington D.C. with dark money in order to pervert the American government. This was the beginning of a dark path that would bring America’s political machine to its knees.

So, in 2008 James Bopp tried to argue with the FEC so that he could air a political hit piece about Hillary Clinton during the same night that the 2008 Primary Debates were going on. The film was wrapped up in the gauze of a legitimate documentary despite the fact that it was funded by politicians. The FEC laughed him out of the court. The film was filled with absurd conspiracy theories, deranged insults, and baseless accusations. Bopp did not go down quietly. Instead, he argued for two more years before appearing in front of the Supreme Court. This time, after heated debate, the Supreme Court would lift the veil and allow Bopp the freedom he sought. This was the infamous 2010 Citizens United decision and it is the key that turned the engine on America’s political decline.

Now, here we are seven years later. The United States government is a mess of special interests and dark money. We have a reality TV host as President of the United States and a Congress and Senate that refuse to be bipartisan about anything. The reason for this mess falls at the feet of James Bopp and his group, Citizens United. While it would be easy to cave into the doom and gloom it is important to realize that some people are still out there fighting to fix the disastrous mess that America’s Republican party imparted upon the world. The group leading the charge is End Citizens United.

End Citizens United is a political action committee that has come to the realization that they need to get involved at every level of politics in order to undo the Supreme Court decision. End Citizens United is run by Tiffany Muller, the current PAC president, and their focus has been on raising the necessary funds in order to support politicians who are committed to campaign finance reform. End Citizens United has seen a surge in contributions ever since President Trump officially took office. They’ve earned nearly $4 million through the first quarter of 2017 and their goal of $35 million ahead of the 2018 Congressional races is looking more possible than ever for the political action committee.

Learn more about End Citizens United: https://secure.actblue.com/contribute/page/ecu-homepage?refcode=rtiads_gs_ecu_h&recurring=auto&amount=25&amounts=15,25,50,100,250,500,1000

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