EOS Has the Best Flavors

Flavors are some of the best parts of lip balm. You might be wondering what makes EOS lip balms flavors the best. The short answer, they have so many flavors.

Organic Smooth Spheres

This set of flavors are the first ones you will probably run into. These flavors are alos the most common ones and some of the best ones you will find.

Passion Fruit

This flavor is a mix between a sweet fruit and a mild lip balm. This EOS lip balm is great for those that want a different kind of sweet flavor.

Strawberry Sorbet

This one is also a sweet fruit that has only a small amount of flavors. It gives you a long lasting flavor that feels great on the lips.

Visibly Soft

This line is a great start if you have lips that are a little chapped and needs some extra care. There aren’t as many flavors with this one, but they are good still.

Vanilla Mint

This flavor is great if you want a little sweet with your minty flavor. It gives you a tingly clean feeling while still smelling and tasting great.

Coconut Oil

This flavor is still sweet, but not as much as some of the other flavors. It gives a hint of flavor while still helping you lips.

Blackberry Nectar

This flavor gives more sweet than the others while still being soft on the lips and helping them to heal.

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There are a ton of flavors on the market today. These are just a few to help you get started.  Also, try visiting EOS on their facebook.com page. You should try more than one if you aren’t sure about what flavor you will like the best. This way you will get what you want and you will be happy with your purchase. What are you waiting for? Give EOS a try, click douglas.de and place an order now.

For Info, visit their website at https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html


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