EOS is Buzzing Again

When EOS first came out it was the Buzz everywhere. Everyone had to have the little colorful lip balm in their purse or pocket. It was a media hit. Everyone on television had one. Musicians had them and soon they became a collectible item for little girls everywhere. Now they have another product for everyone to collect. The vegan lip balm. It’s clear too.  Additional reading on mapleholistics.com.

It’s clear and now doesn’t have the ingredients that kept some from being able to use it before. Of course the fans loved the new addition to the line of lip balms.  Check reviews on influenster.com. The best part is that it’s never had to sacrifice little animals in order to make the product. Actually, the only ingredient that wasn’t animal free was the beeswax. Most people did not have a problem with that ingredient. Those that did can now rest easy knowing that their little round lip balm is completely free of anything inhumane.

The EOS Instagram page had fans talking everywhere around the globe about the new creation, Some fans even created YouTube videos about the fact that it is clear. Many people wondered how it was created. The whole creation process had a mystery behind it at first. Then it was all known. The world seemed happy with the results. EOS had another hit on their hands. The Buzz seemed ironic considering the little product had no beeswax actually inside of it anymore.

This does not mean that all EOS are without Beeswax. The original line is still in production and new flavors come out every season. There is normally a winter and spring release. Several other flavors have come out at other times as well, must to the excited fans’ delight. The little company that that has amazed all of the fans and competition has become a major contender and will continue to pursue this goal for years to come.

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