EOS Ranks High In Customer Reviews and Positive Feedback

The lip balm industry is not one that’s often in the spotlight. So, when EOS, Evolution of Smooth started placing their tiny spheres of lip moisturizer at the checkout counters of our favorite convenience store, everyone was eager to know what EOS was all about (mapleholistics.com). Since their launch, the company has won the hearts and wallets of today’s consumer through their unique packaging and moisture packed balms. Now, the trendy lip balm company is upping their game. Their newest addition to vegan crystal lip balms has once again placed them at the top of the list for consumer favorites.

EOS received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback from fans and uses on their vegan crystal flavors, which to no surprise, sold out in store in just one day. Gone are the days when Chapstick led the lip balm industry. EOS has completely transformed lip balm from the inside out. The variety of colors, flavors, and benefits offered through these tiny spheres are a major leap from those boring, tasteless sticks of moisture that once filled store shelves.

EOS has always been known for their petite packaging design, but the new crystal vegan line is clear, organic and free of any animal byproducts. This means that virtually everyone can now enjoy the benefits of EOS petite, moisture-packed lip balms. The popular brand offers much more than just unique lip balms, customers can also choose from a variety of hand lotions, and shaving creams, all with the same benefits. For EOS fans and lovers, the company promises to continue innovating, introducing new balms and flavors regularly.

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