EOS Visibly Smooth, Organically Made

EOS Lip Balm has been a premier choice in lip balm since it’s inception in 2006. It’s unique shape and variety of flavors has made this lip balm skyrocket to the second most popular brand of lip balm today.

Evolution of Smooth was created by Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, after deciding that the lip balm industry was due for an upgrade. After holding interviews and gathering information from lip balm customers, they discovered a few interesting facts. One fact was that women were the primary users of lip balm, secondly, women often times complained that traditional tube shaped lip balm was often times lost in their handbags. Many women liked the concept of pot lip balm containers, but found that having to use their fingers to get the balm out was unsanitary.  To keep updated with EOS, follow them on facebook.com.

After gathering information, Mehra and Teller set out to create a lip balm that was not only unique, but fun to use as well. EOS prides itself in using organic, natural ingredients which are found in all their varieties of flavors.

Vanilla mint is a popular flavor of the balm, and it offers shea butter and vitamins C and E in the ingredients. The mint is cooling and the vanilla is a familiar warm flavor. These flavors combined glide on smoothly and clear over the lips for a softness that is felt all day long. Found in the familiar orb shape, vanilla mint comes in a blue and cream swirl orb to distinguish it from other flavors. For details, be sure to click on douglas.de.

EOS lip balm in vanilla mint is sure to add a wonderful flavor combination to your lip balm repertoire that last all day long. For more about EOS, visit their website here.

For additional info, hit https://evolutionofsmooth.ca/lip-balm.html.


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