Five Must-Have Back To Work Items For 2016

Okay, so we’ll admit that “back to work” isn’t officially a thing. Sure, most of us in the working world didn’t get a summer break like our student counterparts. However, just because we never left the office doesn’t mean that we don’t get excited about the crop of new cosmetics and decor items that come out during back to school time. To help you get excited about “back to work,” here are five items that are worth coveting in the fall of 2016

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Earth mamas have been obsessed with these gorgeous lamps for years and now they’re finally finding mainstream popularity. These lamps are said to release negative ions that combat fatigue and feelings of malcontent. Even if you don’t buy the hippie buzz, they still omit an utterly gorgeous, serene glow.

Farmhouse-Inspired Floor Cushions

This season is all about getting back to rustic, shabby chic and simple country decorating schemes. These cushions are perfect for giving your house a cozy, inviting and comfortable feel.

Simple Handbags That Go With Everything

We’ve had our fun with unique and out-there handbag designs, but the new trends are skewing more old fashioned. Handbags that go with everything, like this gorgeous handmade gray handbag, is the perfect accessory for the fall of 2016.

Sphere Lip Balms

Tube lip balms are so passe. The trendiest choice in hydration for your kisser is definitely lip balms that come in a sphere container, like this one from Eos. The design of the balm is adorable and you get more product than you would with a tube.  More on

The DIY Organizational Technique

Forget about buying boring old organizational tools and containers to keep your office in check. This season is all about taking cues from Pinterest and articles like this one and creating your own organizational tools out of items such as mason jars. The finished effect is very rustic and shabby chic.

Follow any of these tips to have your trendiest and most glam “back to work” season possible.

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