Getting the Most out of SEO Targeting

Keywords are undoubtedly the most important element in SEO strategy and search engine marketing campaign.


SEOs way of using keywords to get higher ranking in the SERP has changed drastically since search engines have evolved to offer the best. Some sites still use old-school (black-hat) seen when reviewing titles and Meta descriptions.


Keyword stuffing was used to trick search engines to rank regardless if it made sense or not,leading to unreliable search results.


These recommendations will help you prevent stuffing and other mistakes


  • Concentrate on your target audience.
  • Mention your keyword in the page title and main headline.
  • Always have a meta description.
  • Use keyword at least two or three times in the content.
  • Implement your keywords in your images.
  • Don’t go overuse the keyword.


Targeting keywords


1) Doing Keyword Research Right


Use Google Trends Explore tool because its insights are simplified interest over time, regional interest and similar searches.


2) List Keywords and Categorize Them


Split your list into categories, name them after the search intent. Each page should serve a particular purpose.


3) Make Keywords Real Titles and Headlines


Highlight the intent you are solving with the keyword in the title tag and main headline of your site.


4) Use Synonyms of Your Search Term


Search engines will understand keyword variations as long as the intent remains unchanged.

Keywords and queries are different. Keywords are specific terms used in a search box and are different depending on the words used and their arrangement. A search query is a question made to a search engine to solve an intent and does not depend on how the words are spelled or organized.


Why Use Search Queries?


It is becoming harder to trick search engines. Penalty algorithms like Google Panda filter and ban low-quality and non-compliant websites Search engines can now detect synonyms, variants, word definitions, and connect them. Search engines know the relations between the search terms that people use and the intention behind it.


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