Highland Capital Management New Manager of Charitable Giving

Highland Capital Management is a financial services company that focuses on investment management. The firm was founded many years ago, and it has assisted very many investors in their businesses. The company serves customers such as high net worth individuals, governments and corporation. The company has won the hearts of many people because of the kind of services it has been providing its customers. The founders of the private firm are highly experienced when it comes to financial matters, and they have made sure that the investment company performs well, regardless of the changes in the economy.

Apart from offering the customers high quality services, the private company has been supporting the families from needy backgrounds. The international company, however, doesn’t offer its donations to the global level. Most of the donations from the firm are only given to the communities living in Dallas, where the main offices are based. The company has changed the lives of the Dallas community since it was introduced many years ago.

In the recent times, the company management has increased its donations to the families and communities in the city, and it has become impossible for the institution to manage everything perfectly. The company had already established a special organ known as the Dallas Foundation so that it could focus on the charity donations. However, it felt that they needed an experienced person who will take the company to better levels when it comes to the donations.

James Dondero, the current president of the successful company announced that Highland Capital had decided to partner with Linda Owen so that they can assist the Dallas communities. Linda Owen is a prominent civic leader who has been in the region for a long time, and she understands the needs of the society very well. The businesswoman will be responsible for all the donations that will be issued by the Dallas based company. Linda has great knowledge when it comes to managing public funds, and she has all the expertise needed to handle the finances given to the communities. Dondero says that he is confident that Linda will deliver great results.

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