How Jacob Gottlieb Robinhood Aims to Help Stop Poverty.

Before Jacob Gottlieb founded Visium Asset Managment in two thousand five, Jacob Gottlieb was a portfolio manager for Merlin, and a portfolio manager and partner for Balyasny asset management. Furthermore, Jacob Gottlieb was a bayside equity analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein.

Jacob Gottlieb, prior work experience shows that he is qualified in his field of industry, further shown through his educational records, such as graduating manga cum laude from Brown University with a bachelors in economics, and a masters degree from New York University Medical School. He also holds designations from the Professional Risk Managers Associations like the PRM, and CFA Charter from AIMR. However, away from his financial ventures, Jacob Gottlieb is also a charitable individual and has multiple charities.

One of Jacob Gottlieb charities is Robinhood, which aims to fight poverty in some of the wealthiest states in the United States of America, New York. Robin Hood Charity was started by Jacob Gottlieb because he understands that many individuals are not at fault for being impoverished, such as many workers in New York earn less than twenty thousand dollars yearly.

Also, one in five families that are severely impoverished, and living in a homeless shelter are fleeing domestic abuse, and are homeless. Jacob Gottlieb wants to help one million and eight hundred thousand people in New York that cannot afford housing, food, and are not qualified for government assistance. All donations given by individuals go to charity, and have a twelve to one return in investment, for every individual that helped through robinhood.


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