How Securus Technologies Keeps the Jail One Step Ahead of Inmates

I work in a very crowded and dangerous jail, and letting my guard down for just one second could be deadly. These inmates are looking around the clock for any opportunity to exploit our weaknesses for their gain. Every single day we confiscate weapons, drugs, and even cellphones, and despite our best efforts, the contraband continues to show up.


Now you might think that in a prison it should be impossible for the inmates to get their hands on all these illegal things. The inmates will tell you that they can get these items easier in jail than if they tried while on the streets. That posses a very serious problem for me and my fellow inmates.


To start the day, I work the visitors area, carefully checking every person that comes in the jail for anything they can give to the inmates. Even with this security measure, stuff gets by. The same with surprise cell inspections, the inmates are either tipped off or they know how to hide the items so well that we can not find them.


When Securus Technologies installed our new inmate communication system, we finally had the ability to turn the tables on the inmates. Despite their best efforts to disguise their conversations, the LBS software would tip us off to certain chatter that alerted us to contraband in the cells. Inmates have that need to brag, otherwise, why would they try to get away with so much.


Time after time, we now are able to pick up on conversations where the inmate is talking with family about how and where they hide their drugs. We strike fast, and within minutes have the cell open and find the items in question before the inmates can even react.


The LBS software has been invaluable in helping to curb drug use in our jail.


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