Israel Offers An Unexpected, But Brilliant Photo Opportunity

Photographers are always looking for new locations to shoot. Having so much of the world already explored, there is a lot of competition for new places to shoot. Which is why Kinetis is making a huge name for itself on the photographer scene.

They are a non-profit that has been offering free trips to major photographers like Terry Richardson and Mike Kelley, that are looking for something different to shoot.

Everybody is so caught up with the cultural, and the religious significance of Israel, that they don’t see the beautiful modern city that Jerusalem has become either. There are some absolutely brilliant vistas, and architecture at work here. Providing unique view of the world that most people just don’t get to see.


One thought on “Israel Offers An Unexpected, But Brilliant Photo Opportunity

  1. Kinetis has been inviting more and more photographers, hoping that they’ll help to showcase another side of Israel that few people have the opportunity to see. I have seen that essaytigers legit do have ways to curb these things and could make it so easy for them all along.

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