Lime Crime Releases Toy Inspired Makeup Palettes

Many things were popular in the 90’s, and LimeCrime is nodding to one of the toys that were a favorite of many with their new line of eyeshadow palettes. The new eyeshadow palettes that Lime Crime is putting out have a colorful design, and they are small in size. They look similar to a toy that many enjoyed playing with and collecting, and Lime Crime hopes that they will be something that grownups will enjoy playing with and collecting, as well. Each eyeshadow palette that Lime Crime is putting out contains five different shades of eyeshadow. Some of the shades of eyeshadows that included in the palettes are shimmery, and some of the shades of eyeshadow are basic mattes. The eyeshadow palettes are made in a way that allows a person to get a full eye look from just one palette.

Lime Crime has worked hard on the formula that they use to create their eyeshadows, and the eyeshadows that are part of the Pocket Candy Palettes are buttery and smooth. Each eyeshadow is something that can shine all on its own, and the eyeshadows work well together in creating a flawless look. All kinds of people can put the eyeshadows to use and create eye looks that are unique to them. The palettes that Lime Crime has created based off of an old toy have a look to them that is fun and unique, and they make great gifts for those who were fans of Polly Pockets in the 90’s.

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