Michel Terpin: Passionate About Rally Driving

In rally driving, one quality is the most revered – speed. Consequently, it is quite uncommon for individuals for to dominate the sporty for prolonged periods of time as there are always newer, faster drivers coming into the sport. One individual, however, Michel Terpin, defies this trend. The Brazilian rally driver has won close to every race he has taken part in and even at the age of 40 does not look to be slowing down anytime soon.

Michel Terpin was born to a sports-loving family in Sao Paulo in 1979. From a young age, and spurred on by his older brother Rodrigo, he developed a strong passion for speed. Under the patient care of their father, Jack Terpin who was himself a successful basket player, Michel, and his brother transitioned into professional rally drivers in their adulthood.

While he is an accomplished car rally driver today, Michel Terpin’s start was actually in the motorcycle category. During the 2002 edition of the prestigious Sertoes Rally, he debuted among the motorcycle riders. While he did not feature on the podium, his performance told of a long and prosperous career ahead. Soon after, however, he decided to make the change to car rallies as a navigator for his brother, Rodrigo. Together, the two are part of the Bull Sertoes rally team and have for the last few years been driving a T-Rex developed by MEM motorsport.

Together with his brother, Michel Terpin has come across great success in the recent editions of the annually-held Sertoes rally. The two finished in the fifth overall position during the 24th edition and in fact came in first for the second stage. In the eyes of many, they among the favorites to win the 25th edition of the rally, which this year covers approximately 3,300 km of off-road terrain.

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