New Pumpkin Spice EOS lip balm

EOS lip balm just released a brand new flavor of balm called Pumpkin Spiced Lip Balm. The balm is a limited edition flavor for the holiday season. EOS has produced many amazing flavors in the past and has once again created a tasteful balm. The Pumpkin Spiced flavor from EOS can only be purchased in a bundle. The bundle is called the Holiday Lip Balm Duo. The package comes with two EOS lip balm pods, one of which is the Pumpkin Spiced flavor. The other pod in the bundle is an organic vanilla bean balm. The bundle itself is selling out quick, so be sure to act fast if you are interested. The package is going for $6 each!

For anyone who isn’t familiar with Evolution of Smooth or EOS for short, they are the company behind the EOS lip balm. EOS has created a new way to use lip care products based on Makers of the product decided it was no longer necessary to use boring old lip care products. They wanted to make a product that was fun to use and appealing to consumers. Through this, came the EOS lip balm pod. The pod is a spherical, colorful ball that encases the lip balm. The look of the pod is very sleek and appealing. The top unscrews and reveals the balm itself. The balm is a spherical shape, and has an amazing taste and smell. Since the release of the product, EOS has had an enormous amount of sales. The pod has become the new, better way to use lip care products. Celebrities such as Miley Cyrus and Kim Kardashian have even been spotted carrying one of these fashionable pods around. The traditional pod went for around $5 and could be found in most major retailers like Walmart or Target, check this out!

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