Nicolas Krafft’s L’Oréal Paris Holds Its Second Annual Fashion Show

River Seine in France was the epitome of the year 2018 as the Global Business Development Vice President Nicolas Krafft decided to throw a rare festival. The aim of the festival that was held aboard a floating catwalk was to celebrate the annual second fashion show of his company L’Oreal.

While it is true that L’Oreal Paris gave people a chance to see the latest trending stuff on the fashion world, Nicolas Krafft had another aim. He was thrilled to fulfill the two aims at the same time his company was holding a fashion on a floating catwalk right in the middle of Paris, the French capital.

Many people who attended this end-year event had a chance to witness for themselves L’Oreal’s commitment as the leading brand that is interested in making the latest fashion trends reach as many people as possible.

Since Nicolas Krafft made it clear from the word go that the aim is to make people understand what his company has in terms of fashion trends and declare his commitment to making the trends accessible, the occasion was open to all. It wasn’t a small private party for the elite. He made sure that it is held from the open where all people in the city will be able to attend.

Thanks to the organizing committee, people from all lifestyles that were able to attend enjoyed the event. Among the attendees were top fashion, silver screen, and beauty names in France and beyond.

The 60-meter floating catwalk was in itself an ingenious way to make the occasion distinctive. On the very day, September 30, 2018, Louise Bourgoin, Elle Fanning, and Eva Longoria among other top fashion and beauty celebrities in the world stepped on the same podium. It was clear that Nicolas Krafft used a super-intelligent way to mark the occasion thus market his brand.

Other celebrities outside the fashion and beauty genre that graced the occasion thus showing their support to GBD Vice President Nicolas Krafft are Paralympic ski champion Marie Bochet and Nikolaj Coster, famed for the Game of Thrones in his role of Jaime Lannister

People as far as one mile from the Seine River could be able to follow the occasion thanks to multiple giant screens that Nicolas Krafft mounted on several sections of the streets away from the site.

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