Overview of Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm

According to Best EOS Lip Balms – Our Top 10 article, to get the perfect pout, one must put some tint to the lips (Style Craze). This can be done with lip balm or a lip salve. Lip balm and lip salve is made out of a waxy substance and normally people use it on chapped or dry lips. Lip balm and lip salve will protect the lips and add just a little bit of color to them. Lip gloss is completely different from just a regular lip balm. Lip gloss is usually a little sticky versus lip balm.

Digging deeper into the article, it is said that lip balm has been out for quite some time. As a matter of fact, lip balm has been out since the 1880’s. It was originally created by Charles Browne Fleet. Charles Browne Fleet is also known for creating chap sticks. However, the evolution of smooth lip balms, better known as EOS, became very popular around the world, check mapleholistics.com. It has quite a unique shape to it. It has a sphere housing. The lip balm has colors that are vibrant. It also moisturizes the lips. EOS is very affordable. A lot of people would appreciate the fact that EOS is packed with natural and organic ingredients. The ingredients consist of Shea butter and Jojoba oil.

Due to certain temperatures such as dry air or cold air, lips can become very dry. EOS contains Vitamin E which helps to hydrate the lips. It will also protect the lips. For anyone looking for something to keep the lips hydrated, then EOS is the product. EOS sells well simply because of their unique shape. EOS is also available in stick form as well. EOS includes many popular flavors.

On the evolution of smooth website, it is stated that the business started with just a simple concept of taking lip balm and just experiencing with it. Lip balm does not have to be so basic looking.

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