Known by her many nicknames Doe Deere is an icon in the fashion industry. She is well known for her cosmetic brand, lime crime. She is accredited for bringing her unique tenure and breathing new life into cosmetic products. Her brand has outplayed the competition with such ease over such a short stretch that it has sparked so much controversy.

Brief history (till formation)

The soft-spoken Doe was born in Russia but raised in New York. Her story is that of a steady climb from a humble beginning to a household name. She started out selling clothes on eBay under the byname Thunderwear. By this time she was also working on her music career and in 2004, she released her CD under a band known only as SkySallt. To promote the band, she started hosting gigs and events to create awareness and get their music out to the populous. She changed her Ebay line to lime crime and started up her website to advocate for her new lime crime clothing line.

In 2006, Doe Deere, by then under the name Xenia, took down lime crime clothing line and shifted to making tutorials on makeup and selling repercussed glitter. She went back to the clothing scene for a short while with a new line called a little country for an urban girl. In late 2007 Doe relaunched her music career under the name Doe Deere, which was just a pseudonym at the time, and continued promoting her music career until 2008 when she changed her name to Doe Deere for good.

On October 2008. Lime Crime makeup is launched featuring brushes, blush, glitter, eye shadow, premiers and at an average of 10.00-25.00 dollars.


Doe Deere has evolved and grown from such a humble background to a successfully acknowledged figure.She credits founding of lime crime as a result of the lack of makeup that suited her needs in the market. She wanted colorful and magical makeup that would bring out her inner self and made her look beautiful as a woman. She went that extra mile and became a success story overnight.

One thing you cannot take away from her sheer will to succeed. Even though her music career and clothing line didn’t do as well as she intended, she kept going till something finally gave in. Lime crime has racked up so much success since its inception in 2008. The company’s official line of products includes rainbow-colored liquid liners, glittery lip gloss, pastel nail polish and a conglomeration of loose pigments.

Her unique styles and Designs with bright colors and patterns have earned her the diminutive “unicorn princess”. Her creation set her apart from the rest, and her work has been acknowledged by many as alluring and straight out of fairy tales.


She turned an idea into a whole enterprise and managed to make the most out of it.she has risen above criticism and grown to a level that defines what talent and ambition can bring to the table.

Wikipedia Writing and Editing: The Basics

Wikipedia is a priceless resource, a well of information, accessible to millions across the globe. One of the defining features of the site is that anyone can edit or create a Wikipedia page of information making the body of knowledge open to debate and an unbiased universal voice of reason. Becoming a part of this asset to human existence is very simple.

Create an account

You can edit a page without creating an account, but you may not create an article from scratch without one. Creating a Wikipedia account takes just minutes and will allow you to revise any page that is not locked and also create brand new content on any subject. If a page is locked, there is an icon located in the top right corner of the page. These pages may still be edited, but only with approval from an employee. This is done when pages are controversial or are susceptible to “editing wars.”

Create unbiased and readable content

Make sure to use proper grammar, proof read your work, and follow Wikipedia’s style guide to ensure your writing is clear and accessible to most audiences. Like wise, you must always back up your information from credible sources, such as scientific studies or essays from sites that end with .edu or .gov to stay clear of spreading false or unconfirmed knowledge. Beware, that your writing is at the scrutiny of the unforgiving internet that will not tolerate undocumented information for very long.

After you are done making your edits or producing original content, make sure to look at the finished product to avoid formatting errors.

Whether you are doing small edits or writing whole pages, you can feel proud to contribute to an ever-growing, collective body of unbiased knowledge. Happy writing!

Finding a Home in New York City

New York draws in hundreds of thousands of people each year. People want to live here for many reasons. The area offers many cultural opportunities and the chance to be part of a vibrant and thriving place that is appealing to people from around the world. Many people will decide to settle here. They may do so because they want to take a new job, live with relatives or just enjoy easy access to world class ballet companies and concerts by musical groups from all over the globe. Those who want to live here will still want to own a house or apartment in many circumstances.

Owning a house or apartment in the New York City region has many advantages. Such advantages include the chance to take a tax deduction, earn mortgage equity and have a space that they can call their own. Working with a company such as TOWN Real Estate can be highly useful for anyone who is looking for NYC apartments for rent. A staffer from a company such as TOWN Real Estate can help make the process of finding the right place to live much easier even for someone who has lived in this area for many years.

It is important for the person to be able to find a house or apartment that can help them meet all of the plan they have in mind. A person who just wants a place they can sleep while they travel the world for business will have differing needs than someone who intends to be a stay at home mom. The same is true for those who are looking to enter a specific field such as the arts where they may need additional space to practice a dance routine or perfect their understanding of how color interacts wih light.

Such considerations will also factor into where a person choose to live in this area. The New Jersey suburbs may have a great deal of appeal to someone who wants to have access to beaches and many public parks. An apartment in midtown Manhattan may be more suited for a potential resident who loves the idea of being able to stay out later at night and then have a space where they can easily retreat in a short period of time. Any search for housing here should be done carefully and thoroughly as the right space is truly essential.