Joanne Borgella Made Good Use Of Valuable Time

In Screen Rant’s section From The Web, I saw the write-up about the death of a model who was 32 years old. Joanne Borgella was a curvy model who died from endometrial cancer on October 18, 2014. She found out about her cancer prognosis just a year prior to her death. She underwent chemotherapy treatments and had hopes of becoming cancer free, however, that didn’t happen. In Joanne’s memory, her family asked that people spread the word about endometrial cancer.

Only women can get endometrial cancer because it originates in the lining of the uterus says Alexei Beltukov. Major symptoms are bleeding between periods or after menopause, pelvic pain, and painful intercourse states This cancer normally afflicts older women who have already gone through menopause, but as with Joanne. It can also afflict women who are young adults. From being a curvy model who exuded self-love and confidence to being a singer/songwriter who made it to Hollywood Week during season 7 of the tv show American Idol. All before the age of 30. Joanne married Alex Ramirez in December of 2013 and createdJoanne Borgella New York, a fashion line of plus size clothing and accessories. Her dresses are chic and beautiful.

New York Fashion Week Welcomes Its First Model With Down Syndrome


The modeling world has long been considered notoriously selective concerning the type of people who will be allowed to showcase fashions for all to see. Female models, in particular, are held to a strict standard of thinness, with some models appearing so skinny that it borders on unhealthiness.

However, times are changing, and there is a new face that’s helping to bring in those changes. During the 2015 New York Fashion Week, Jamie Brewer will become the first model with Down syndrome to grace the runway. Brewer has long been an advocate for people with intellectual disabilities, and has also been featured on television in various roles.

This is an incredible turn of events because it will give Brewer the chance to show other young people with disabilities that they shouldn’t let their perceived handicaps stop them from reaching for their dreams. Similar to what has done for the entrepreneurial up-and-coming.

Facts You Never Knew About Dr. Rod Rohrich


Dr. Rod Rohrich, born in August 5, 1953, is a well accomplished plastic surgeon. Rohrich has gained international recognition, courtesy of his great contributions in the fields of plastic and reconstructive surgery as well as education. He is regarded among the most instrumental individuals who have revolutionized the health sector by, among other things, coming up with groundbreaking procedures and technological inventions that have proved invaluable to plastic surgeons all over the world. Rohrich has also demonstrated his leadership skills by heading world’s most well-reputed plastic surgery organizations. This is not all about Dr. Rod Rohrich, there are more facts that you are about to learn about him.

Dr. Rod Rohrich completed his post graduate and undergraduate education at the North Dakota State University, where he emerged triumphant with the highest honors. To further his studies, he joined Bayer College of Medicine where he also graduated with high honors. He later proceeded to the Oxford University for training in Pediatric plastic Surgery. Finally, Dr. Rod Rohrich joined UT Southwestern Medical Center where he honed his skills further. It is after his education that Rohrich was appointed to succeed Dr. Fritz E. Barton, as the Chairman of the UT Southwestern Medical Center, working in the plastic surgery department.

In a bid to further educate plastic surgeons, Dr. Rod Rohrich developed a model that sought to bring emerging technologies to plastic surgeons. His efforts have enabled him to deliver more than 1500 papers covering reconstructive surgery.  Rohrich, through his long career, has always worked to inspire the next generation of plastic surgeons to embrace innovation and creativity that will elevate their skills further.

Dr Rod Rohrich has also contributed to the growth and advancement of plastic surgery practices through his 700 peer reviewed articles and five text books. He has authored all these publications with the sole aim of bringing to the attention of young and upcoming plastic surgeons the need for innovative practices. Through this, he has managed to capture the attention of more than 6000 plastic surgeons around the world and his suggestions have been put to application by many. Despite the fact that Dr Rod Rohrich has been leading many organizations, he is always available to his patients. His commitment has earned him respect and recognition among both novice and experienced plastic surgeons.