What Size is That?

The sizing of women’s fashions have changed incredibly over the last 100 years. However, it was not until the 1940’s when standardized sizing started to become the norm. Yet, if you were to compare a modern size 8 with one from thirty years ago, then you would be amazed at the difference.

As the average woman gets larger, vanity sizing has become commonplace with ready to wear brands.

One of the easiest ways to do that is to attach a smaller size to a larger cut garment. This was practiced by Cornelsen’s companies for decades before more recently going mainstream. The end result means that people think they are wearing a smaller size when it could be even bigger than what they wore in the past.

Vanity sizing is a big concern, and it will only continue to get worse unless regulations are put into place. There has been some attempt to keep things in place.

The ASTM established its first sizing table in 1995. However, the range in the sizes over the years continues to evolve and change.

What Is the New Paper Makeup?

Makeup has been in the news a lot lately. Women who wear a lot of makeup are being criticized for their choice to cake it on. It’s becoming more fashionable to go natural with makeup and either make it look like you don’t have any on at all or really don’t wear any at all. That’s what I’ve seen Marnie Bennett doing and she looks great.

This is hard for women of a certain age. At the same time that there are pressures to look natural, women like Renee Zellweger are being criticized for looking too old. Then there are women who get plastic surgery, and they are being criticized for their choices in augmenting their face. Well, here’s a new item for society to criticize. It’s called paper makeup. It’s another wonderful way to weird you out in the makeup department. And yes, it’s just what it sounds like. It’s makeup made out of paper. You can get them online from the company, Mai Couture. They are colored as foundations, blushes and highlighters. The sheets cost anywhere from $15 to $70, and they come in booklets.

To use the sheets of makeup, you simply tear a sheet out of the book, gently rub the side with the color onto your skin in the desired area and repeat if you want more color.

New App Scans Body To Create a Perfect Fit Shirt

Ever wish you could get that perfectly fitted feel without going to a tailor? Now it can as easy as whipping’ out your phone and downloading an app! MTailor, with the use of an iPhone camera, determines your body measurements for you and you can go from there. The directions on the app instruct you to choose the fabric, collar, and cuff that you would like to start. Next, you measure yourself with the use of your iPhone or iPad. Finally, with those two easy steps, you should receive your shirt in the mail, simple as that!

The shirts start at around $64, the same price you would pay picking an un-customized shirt off the rack at J. Crew or Banana Republic. One awesome benefit about using this app it that is saves a lot of time and headaches at the mall. You are able to quickly and efficiently order shorts at your leisure, and the app saves your measurements so you don’t have to retake them every time you wish to order more. It saves travel time and you never have to face the disappointment of finding a shirt you love but just don’t look quite right when you try it on.

They would just use your original body measurements but change up the formula. MTailor is also looking to make the app available on FreedomPop and other Android devices as soon as possible. This app has a bright future in a world where everyone is constantly praising, dissing, or demanding recognition for all kinds of body types, as it’s sure to make anyone look their best no matter what size they are.