Doe Deere Founder of LimeCrime

Doe Deere is an innovative business leader. From early beginnings in Russia, Deere has been involved with a number of commercial and private ventures. She was interested in managing her own business and even started selling items to her friends at a young age. When she was 13, Deere made temporary tattoos popular in her course. This was the humble start of this entrepreneur’s journey. Deere had imaginative roots and lived in several places during her early life. She spent years in Russia as well as New York. By the time she was seventeen, it was clear that she had the potential to start and operate a successful business. After moving to New York in pursuit of her dream to be a musician, Deere became involved with makeup artistry.

Many aspects of Deere’s aesthetics have been borrowed from role models and family members. She has incorporated various aspects of style into the accessory pairings and composite looks that she establishes. Even in her own self=depicitions Deere is an innovative and unique force on the scene. Having spent time in New York, she has multidimensional characteristics to her business plan and strategy. Now based in Los Angeles, Deere has made profound changes to the way that art and fashion are integrated. Her work has been featured by numerous venues and platforms over the years, sparking creative interest amongst numerous others in the industry.

LimeCrime was founded with careful thought and precision within the industry. Deere expressed gratitude in her interview, for the various multidimensional aspects of the product line and its development over the years. It has made a significant impact on the cosmetic industry and continues to propagate valuable changes to this day. Deere is motivated by the lives she could change with these important and influential products. The interview ultimately expresses the vision and interests of Deere as well as the specific ways they have been articulated in LimeCrime.

Southridge Capital: Stephen Hicks on Why His Company Is Successful

Southridge Capital is an investment and financial management company based out of Connecticut. They have been in business for over 20 years. By helping individuals and businesses become financially stable, they have achieved success and are viewed as a very effective business. Although the financial service market is extremely competitive, they have managed to secure a spot and continue to grow to this day.


Since their inception, they have worked with over $1.8 billion dollars. Their financial goals can be summed up in a single sentence; Southridge aims to keep corporations solvent. The management team is comprised of five core members who have a vast repertoire of experience to draw from. By creating creative solutions to difficult problems, businesses working with this financial service company should be able to maintain a clean cash flow. They offer a wide variety of services that ensure businesses will be able to climb out of any hole that they might have fallen into.


Stephen Hicks is the CEO and founder of Southridge Capital. He relates in an interview that starting this business was a matter of being at the right place at the right time. While he was working in a hedge fund, he discovered that it would shut down in a year. He decided then that it was a good time for him to try to develop his own. This was in 1996, and his business is still going strong in 2018. Stephen also continues on why he believes his business remained financially successful over these years.  For more info you can checkout


He starts the day off by setting tasks that need to be accomplished. He groups his team together and woks with them to see how their investments are performing. He describes the competition as competitive and stresses the importance of being organized to be able to work efficiently. Despite this, he relates a tragic event in the company’s history. A huge investment was made that backfired; Southridge Capital almost went bankrupt. He learned from his mistake, pulled his team together and has been establishing his business from the lessons that he has learned.




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Gulf coast Western

Gulf Coast Western is the managing venture of Gas and Oil Partnerships. It is a joint venture for the development and acquisition of domestic oil and gas reserves and also exploration. This majorly takes place in Louisiana, Mississippi, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Texas.

The company explores available opportunities to enlarge their development and exploration of activities. This is done to other plays that deal with gas and oil all over the county. They always look for ways to make sure that the geophysical and also the geological attribute of the selected region are per their criteria.

A long track record has been noted in the company since when it was founded in 1970. It was founded in Dallas, Texas. Success has been attributed across the years to a relationship which has been maintained when dealing with their clients. The link is transparent and open one. It is built on respect and trust. This is done by carrying out activities in an honest way and also with integrity.

Gulf coast western Gulf is committed to offering support to organizations that aid in building communities that are strong. The organizations also have the role of taking care of the wellbeing of families and children and even their health.

People and organizations that have done business with this company say that they have benefited a lot. The company provides more in-depth knowledge about the drilling process they feel comfortable doing business with Gulf Coast Western. They also have the plan to make future investments with the company.

The company has features that are unique. One such element is that when the company starts finding investors, the representatives usually maintain a communication which is steady. They also provide information for every investment that is potential. They also take part in encouraging the involvement of an investor by inviting them in teleconferences that occur regularly.