How Jacob Gottlieb Robinhood Aims to Help Stop Poverty.

Before Jacob Gottlieb founded Visium Asset Managment in two thousand five, Jacob Gottlieb was a portfolio manager for Merlin, and a portfolio manager and partner for Balyasny asset management. Furthermore, Jacob Gottlieb was a bayside equity analyst for Sanford C. Bernstein.

Jacob Gottlieb, prior work experience shows that he is qualified in his field of industry, further shown through his educational records, such as graduating manga cum laude from Brown University with a bachelors in economics, and a masters degree from New York University Medical School. He also holds designations from the Professional Risk Managers Associations like the PRM, and CFA Charter from AIMR. However, away from his financial ventures, Jacob Gottlieb is also a charitable individual and has multiple charities.

One of Jacob Gottlieb charities is Robinhood, which aims to fight poverty in some of the wealthiest states in the United States of America, New York. Robin Hood Charity was started by Jacob Gottlieb because he understands that many individuals are not at fault for being impoverished, such as many workers in New York earn less than twenty thousand dollars yearly.

Also, one in five families that are severely impoverished, and living in a homeless shelter are fleeing domestic abuse, and are homeless. Jacob Gottlieb wants to help one million and eight hundred thousand people in New York that cannot afford housing, food, and are not qualified for government assistance. All donations given by individuals go to charity, and have a twelve to one return in investment, for every individual that helped through robinhood.


Sean Penn Rants Throughout New Book Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff

Sean Penn has turned novelist with the publication of new book, “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff“. The book is a longer version of an audio book Penn released a few years earlier. The audio book joined the creative machinations of many outspoken celebs during the Hilary v. Trump election campaign. These celebs used commercials, awards acceptance speeches, public engagements, and books to speak of the danger of elected Donald Trump. Now years later Penn has returned to the world of Bob Honey, to tell us all how he thinks things are going.


The book is narrated by the quirky character Pappy Pariah, whom Penn first credited with writing the book years ago. He has now taken full ownership so Pappy is relegated to narrator status, but he uses it to tell the fascinating story of Bob Honey. Of course by fascinating we mean absolutely crazy.

Bob Honey takes place in a dystopian version of the U.S. of A., the version many political optimists believe we are headed for right now. The country is under the rule of Mr. Landlord, who is obviously modeled after Donald Trump. Honey is a Sean Penn-esque character who is disgruntled with pretty much everything around him. The country he once loved has lost its luster and Honey is mad.


Bob Honey used to work as a septic tank salesman, but now holds a host of jobs. One of his jobs is working for the government, as an assassin. In fact the shady organization he works for contracts him to kill geriatrics to weed down the population. He dispatches them with a mallet.


Like any satire the book is filled with social commentary, commentary that can be relegated to real life society. Penn’s whirlwind style of writing contains many little nuggets of truth within it frenzied prose, although readers may have to dig a little to find them. His comments and descriptions are lavish and completely from left field. The book seems to have no concrete plot but instead moves in an series of episodes.


Penn used the book to talk about everything that’s bothering him, in some cases making no effort to disguise the subject of his focus. He hides El Chapo behind the veil of a character named Fletcher, but mentions #MeToo by name. The book does not hold back in its savagery, and defiantly makes its authors point with flair.

End Citizens United Fights for Government By The People – Not By Corporations

In January 2010, The Supreme Court of the United States arbitrated a dispute between the Federal Election Commission (FEC) and a political action committee (PAC) called Citizens United. During the 2008 presidential election, Citizens United funded a political ad in the form of a 90-minute movie entitled “Hillary, The Movie”. The FEC ruled that the movie was a political ad and restricted it. Citizens United filed suit against the FEC and the case went to Federal Court. The federal court decided in favor of the FEC.

In 2010, two years after the election which brought Barak Obama to the White House, Citizens United took the dispute to the Supreme Court of the United States. By a vote of 5-4 (a single vote majority), Citizens United was awarded a victory which altered a century of campaign finance law. Corporations were decreed to be ‘people’ and awarded protection under the First Amendment. Restrictions on amounts of campaign contributions were erased and accountability for identifying donors was annulled.

On March 1, 2015, a new organization was established called End Citizens United. The name of the group is synonymous with its goal. One way to succeed would be to return to the Supreme Court to attempt a reversal of decision. The legislative route, a Constitutional amendment, would require a two-thirds approval vote by both houses of Congress and ratification by three-fourths of the states.

Those are long-term goals, while short-term help is crucial. End Citizens United organizes grassroots fundraising networks, often online such as social media outlets, to help fund campaigns of candidates who stand up for changes in campaign finance laws. Since End Citizens United’s goal is to help Republicans get elected by pouring unlimited corporate money into their campaigns, End Citizens United funnels funds raised by grassroots contributions to strong Democratic candidates and encourages them to refuse corporate campaign donations.

The goal of End Citizens United is the preservation of our democracy. In a democracy, elected officials should be chosen by the people. The first amendment right of free speech was intended for the people, not for large corporations. Many corporations in the United States are conglomerates with foreign interconnections which have no place in the election process of a democratic government.

One vote and one small contribution at a time, we the people can fight back against our laws and our leaders being bought and sold by large, powerful corporations.

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Dr. Mark McKenna the CEO and the Founder of OVME

Mark McKenna is a certified doctor in surgery and medicine by both Florida and Georgia National Board of Medical Examiners. Dr. Mark McKenna studied at Tulane University Medical School and later joined his father into the practice who is also a medical, doctor. As he was starting off in the healing journey, he also established his property investment and development company which he named McKenna Venture Investments. He later went full time into property industry business until when he relocated to Atlanta Georgia where Dr. Mark McKenna began artistic and wellness medical practice at ShapedMed. He sold ShapeMed in 2014 to Life Time Fitness Inc. and became the CEO and the Founder of OVME Cosmetics. OVME is a client-oriented wellness firm that focuses on patient services and technology related to aesthetic elective healthcare services. Dr. Mark McKenna is pleased to turn his focus on rebuilding the health and confidence of his patient who is seeking to lose weight or feel healthier.


Mark McKenna intends to modernize the process of elective surgery by making it more convenient, patient-focused and utilizing the power of the modern technology to do the procedure. The company offers a wide range of cosmetic services for women and men and the use of slightly aggressive techniques possible to guarantee very little time. OVME employs technology to make it possible for the clients make use of online platform where they can book an appointment by accessing account information.


In order to meet the all the needs of their Customer, OVME offers membership package and pricing that creates long-term solutions. OVME membership includes various exclusive perks such as discounts, early news and special event access, free monthly treatment and same-day Botox appointment.


OVME in partnership with Make-a-Wish Foundation has been donating money to help young children dreams come true. A registered nonprofit foundation “Make-a-Wish” was started to grant “wishes” of children diagnosed with threatening sicknesses to ease financial struggles on treatment from their relatives. OVME donates a portion of the profits from the sales of products and sales which they offer to Make-a-Wish foundation to assist in the spreading the joy of philanthropic.

MB2 Dental Gains its Newest Member

MB2 Dental Solutions has just acquired a new member to the team-Jackson Hildebrand and he will be teh chief financial officer. His duties will include overseeing teh financial management of MB2 Dental as well as the 91 practices in the network.

CEO of MB2 Dental, Dr. Chris Villanueva, is very excited to have the new addition to the team and feels that he will make a great fit for teh company. Hildebrand brings a lot to teh team as he has experience in teh financial and equity filed. He is also a strong leader and will be able to offer sound advice when it comes to investing and various financial operations. He is well schooled in the areas of financial reporting, accounting, and analysis.

Hildebrand previously worked at a private equity form and has been wanting to change gears and work for a portfolio company. He is happy to be a part of something that supports his goals and that is local as well. He feels that MB2 Dental will be a good fit for him and was immediately drawn to teh company. He was the Finance Director at TPG Capital and he oversaw the financial operations and accounting there. He is a graduate of the Texas A&M University and he has worked at KPMG as well.

MB2 Dental Solutions is an organization made of a community of dentists and owners. It is a completely new way for dentists to run their offices and to stay more focused on an inspiring environment while giving their attention to the patients rather than having to worry about all teh behind-the scenes workings of business. They are a reputable company that is helping dentists to run their offices in a way that they want while maintaining structure and organization in a professional setting.

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The Fashion and Business Marketing Skills of Victoria Doramus

One of the best areas to use for marketing insight is fashion. For one thing, business and marketing has one term in common. This term is trend. In marketing, the trend is used to describe where people are going. In fashion, the same word is used for a similar meaning. Victoria Doramus understands what a trend is for fashion and marketing. Therefore, she uses her knowledge to be able to profit from her website. One of the best things about her site is that she displays a lot of items that are classy. Therefore, women would feel very elegant in these clothes.

The collection that is featured on her website has a wide variety of styles. Victoria Doramus (@iamvictorialynn) is very thoughtful on the items she picks for her website. Therefore, women are not going to find the same thing on the site. They are going to find something that is unique and interesting for them. Victoria Dormaus gives women a lot of room to discover the types of styles they want. They will feel as if they are true to themselves. One of the best feelings when it comes to fashion is the feeling that one has found her own style.

In her LinkedIn profile, Victoria Doramus has found her own style when it comes to fashion and business. She is able to use her style to bring customers. One thing that can be said for her is that her career is not all that conventional. While she has held some jobs in certain companies, they were all high paying jobs, and she has been responsible for a very important job. She has also learned skills that have taken her very far so that she will be able to run businesses of her own and not worry about losing work. She continues to learn and grow to this day.

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Gregory Aziz As CEO The National Steel Car

National Steel Car is a manufacturer of railroad freight cars. The company was established at the beginning of the last century, meaning that it is currently over one hundred years old. Despite being in the industry for such a long time, it is still one of the most successful businesses of our times. National Steel Car has managed to live for such a long time, one because of the good management of Gregory Aziz and secondly the quality products they produce which are loved by their customers. National Steel Car has been producing railroad freight cars that are of superior quality since it was established and this is the reason why despite turbulent times in the economy, it has managed to last for so many years.


The role of Gregory Aziz in the development of this company cannot be underestimated. He took over the management at a time when the company was close to collapsing. It did not take him long to realize what the problem was. He quickly assembled a team that would help him change the company. The team includes top professionals in the engineering sector who could ensure that the production lines were efficiently working. Click Here for more information.


Gregory Aziz took over the management of the company, and in just five years, everything had changed. The company is now leading in the development of the railroad freight cars which are supplied all over the world. The development of the company proved that Gregory Aziz was a leading professional who understood the issues which affected business development. Not many people can manage to take over the development of a business that was collapsing and push growth in the manner in which Gregory Aziz did with the National Steel Car. National Steel Car has been growing rapidly over the last couple of years. Since Gregory Aziz ensured that the system was up and running again, the company’s production has never gone below at any other point in time.


Gregory Aziz had gained experience in business management after he graduated from the university. Immediately after he graduated from the Western Ontario University, he joined his family in running a foods company. He would become a significant player in the growth of the firm helping it to open up business operations in other parts of Canada and the United States. Gregory J Aziz is now ranked among the top investors in North America with a manufacturing plant worth million.



Vinod Gupta Is A Philanthropist Who Believes That Real Wealth Comes From Helping People

Vinod Gupta never forgets where he came from and how he worked his way up to become the millionaire he is today. His story began in a small town in India where many of the residents had no access to running water, electricity, or many of the other conveniences that the modern world has. He earned a degree in Agricultural Engineering while living in India and earned a Master’s Degree in Business Administration after he moved to the United States. After finishing off his education, Vinod took a small $100 loan from a bank and built a business that he later sold for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Vinod Gupta is now the Managing Partner and founder of the Everest Group, which provides venture capital and private equity for database tech business and other companies who find themselves in hard times. Gupta is not simply a businessman; however, but also doubles up as an entrepreneur who cares deeply about the people of the village he grew up in. Women from his village have had an especially hard time in life due to the fact that they have not had the same opportunities as many others have. To help remedy this situation, Vinod Gupta donated $1 million to help build the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic, which is a woman’s polytechnic school where countless women have earned their polytechnic degree.

Vinod Gupta has donated more than $50 million of his own money to other educational ventures. He finds contentment in helping others and believes that true wealth comes from making an impact in the lives of real people. Instead of spending all of his time with his work, he feels blessed to be able to focus on his family more often. In his mind, this makes him one of the wealthiest people in the world, and it’s hard to argue with the man who came from very humble beginnings.

Vinod Gupta Invests in Women’s Education

Jeff Herman: An Attorney Leading The Way In Abuse Lawsuits

He is a nationally recognized attorney for his tireless fight on sexual abuse cases. Jeff Herman is a huge voice for those victimized of either sexual exploitation, rape or any other horrible acts of sexual violence. He currently leads his firm as the founder and managing partner. Herman Law has taken on hundreds of case helping victims fight back. Herman states that he’s learned to scale down cases in their most simple form and stick to the facts. This always guides the case for him. His team diligently attacks all information surrounding the case and constantly fact-checks everything they find. Herman admits that he is more visually inclined and organizes his cases this way. He says it’s important to have a visual focus that allows you to put the pieces together. Herman shares that it is always a sad thing to hear about so many victims nowadays, but he thinks it has brought people together.

He goes on to state that he deals with the ugliness of humanity and isn’t immune to getting his heart broken by his clients. It wasn’t too long ago he considered quitting the profession all together. It made him physically ill at times having to review all the content of his work. He decided to take up what is called Biometric training. It gives him a chance to not get emotionally attached to his cases or be consumed by them. Herman states that a team of doctors really helped him understand his client’s feelings more without taking on their feelings as his own. Jeff Herman works long tired hours and his workload is intense, to say the least. His career has made him very passionate about his field of work.

Jeff Herman strives to make sure his clients feel empowered in some way. He has been devoted to fighting their case and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Herman is motivated, focused on the facts and seeks justice for all victims harmed. It is with this confidence he knows he will prevail and is a large part of his overall success today.

OG Juan Perez Celebrates His 50th Birthday In Style

Rap mogul Jay-Z through an ultimate extravagant birthday bash for his longtime friend and business partner, OG Juan Perez. OG Juan, who serves as the head of Roc Nation Sports, was treated to a very pricey night out in Midtown Manhattan for his 50th birthday celebration. Jay-Z and crew kicked off the night at Zuma, an internationally acclaimed izakaya-style Japanese restaurant, before hitting the clubs. OG Juan dined on lobster, steak and an array of sushi reportedly worth $13,000. After dinner, the group partied it up at the new popular restaurant and nightclub Made in Mexico and Jay-Z effortlessly racked up a $9,000 tab of fine liquor, preferably D’USSÉ cognac.

The party didn’t stop at Midtown, OG Juan Perez and four other of Jay-Z’s pals kept the lively night going and headed to the Playroom Nightclub, uptown Manhattan’s premier nightclub and lounge. This was the place where Jay-Z infamously racked up a $91,000 bill for his birthday pal that went viral shortly after. He bought 20 bottles of Ace of Spades Rosé and 20 more bottles of Ace of Spades Gold. It was reported that they had shared the drinks with the other tables in the nightclub. After the crew indulged on the drinks and lived it up, they called it a night and it was one that OG Juan will never, ever forget.

Juan “OG” Perez and his wife Desiree Perez have been close friends and business partners of Jay-Z for over two decades. He met Jay-Z in 1996 after being introduced by Roc-A-Fella’s co-founder Kareem Burke. Their friendship was instant and Jay-Z proudly appointed him as the president of Roc Nation Sports, a sports agency, in 2013. OG Juan was born and raised in Harlem, New York, he went to Brandeis High School located in the Upper West Side of Manhattan.

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