Arthur Becker: A Versatile Businessman and Tech Industrialist

Arthur Becker is a renowned businessman and is the CEO and Chairman of Zinnio LLC. Arthur is a big name in real estate sector in the U.S. Before involving himself with real estate business, Arthur had been a successful broker and buyer of technology companies during the initial years of the 21st century. After his transition to the world of real estate, initially, he remained behind the scenes investing as a partner with a couple of known realtors. But recently, he has got three townhouses on Sullivan Street on account of his shares. Arthur, who is single after his divorce with his wife, is thought to live in one of these three townhouses and sell the remaining two. Arthur’s business scope includes various areas including finance, technology, arts, and above all the real estate. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Arthur’s business includes the collection of millennia-old coins from Africa which he reforms and reshapes into sculptures. In this connection, he has planned to construct two large commercial houses in Boston. Besides investing in arts, Arthur also invests in confectionary, especially the cookies with nuts. For this, he has invested more than $4 million in growing nuts by setting up over a dozen orchards. He got a lot of profits out of this when he sold nuts from these orchards for $10 million. Another area of Arthur’s business is the production of Magic 8 Balls. With his unique art, he has produced elegant shaped Magic 8 Balls. Moreover, other major products his investments produce are paperweights, Brick Samples, and NaviSite notepads. You can also visit Bloomberg to know more.

Arthur Becker is an accomplished businessman with a number of areas under the scope of his investments. Before his current position, Arthur has remained the Chairman and CEO of NaviSite, Inc., from 2003 to 2010. He is one of the co-founders of the Atlantic, Inc. Before starting his investment in the tech industry in the early 2000s, he had been a senior advisor for 7 years to the Vera Wang fashion company. During his long and impressive career, Arthur also served the ClearBlue Technologies, Inc., as its Director and Vice Chairman. Besides, he has served as one of the Managing members of the Madison Technologies LLC.

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Pomegranate Raspberry: My Favorite Lip Balm Flavor

I discovered EOS several months ago. Their lip balms are absolutely amazing, and I cannot get enough. The lip balm moisturizes my lips, so chapped lips are never a concern. And, the orb is fun to carry. But, it is the EOS lip balm flavors that really make me smile.

EOS has a few different flavors to choose from that keep your lips happy. I’ve tried four of them so far, and while it is pretty difficult to choose just one, I must say that I favor Pomegranate Raspberry most. I like this flavor because it is so unique; you won’t find anything like it offered from another brand. It has an interesting, unique flavor that leaves you satisfied, yet still intrigued. It is a real treat for the lips, and I probably use it more often than I actually need an application.

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EOS is the second-leading lip balm brand in the country, falling behind Burt’s Bees, and toppling Chapstick. The company sells more than one-million orbs of lip balm each week. The lip balm is popular because it is made with all-natural ingredients that benefit the lips, and because of the awesome flavor selection. If you’ve yet to try EOS, what are you waiting for?  Click on for details It is a product that I simply cannot live without, and I think you will agree.  For more of EOS, hop over to their page.

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Achievements of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer has been among the successful women in the field of medicine by offering qualified services to her clients. In this way, she has gained the trust of many people who are willing to improve their looks and feel confident about themselves. She was recently ranked among the twenty four best cosmetics surgeons in United States by Harpers’ Bazaar magazine. After training with one of the best surgeons in New York, she was able to establish her own successful practice in Manhattan before she went back to Austin; her hometown.

She is a mother of two handsome boys who are her motivation. She wishes to give them a healthy and much better life by being their role model. Her supportive family has been with her throughout her journey and she wishes her kids would have the same support. After moving back to Austin, she continued with her practice and her business has been thriving over the past three years especially due to the loving support of her mother. As a strong, warm, caring and assertive woman, Dr. Jennifer is always ready to offer her patients the best services all the time.

Her Motivation

As a mother, Dr. Jennifer has been working hard to provide for her two sons and give them a better life. She was brought up in a family where her father as a doctor and her mother was a surgical nurse. In this way, education was highly valued and this motivated her to become the successful woman she is today. She believes that the key to being successful is believing in yourself and being determined in everything you do.


She has a very deep connection with her family as well as her hometown. In this way, Jennifer decided to over her practice to Austin so she could be much closer to her family and give her sons a chance to be surrounded by them. She believes in doing things and making thing happen which is an internal drive she wishes to pass on to her kids. She is a great inspiration to other young women who wishes to pursue a course in medicine. She is grateful to have a supportive family surrounding her and her sons all the time.

Vinny Parascandola Excels As A Senior Vice President

When it comes to insurance, there are many questions that people have related to the purpose and use of insurance. While there are a variety of questions that people have regarding insurance, there are a few questions that are asked on a regular basis. One of the most common questions typically involves automobile insurance. The question that is asked very often is the type of coverage that people should have concerning an automobile.


This is a question that is asked a lot because it affects the cost of automobile insurance significantly. For automobile insurance, the general question about what type of automobile coverage to purchase involves the choice of full coverage or just liability coverage. Full automobile coverage provides much more coverage related to an automobile while liability coverage only involves coverage related to any liability associated with an accident.


For people trying to figure out what coverage to choose between full and liability coverage, they should consider the value of the automobile and the amount of insurance premium they are willing to pay. People should seriously look at getting full coverage for an automobile that cost more than a few thousand dollars. Automobiles that cost a few thousands dollars can be driven but in the case of an accident the value of the automobile is low. Therefore, having full coverage on an automobile that cost a few thousand dollars will probably cost more in insurance premiums than the automobile merits related to the cost.


An insurance company that takes the time to help its customers make decisions such as whether to purchase full or liability coverage is AXA Advisors. The company is a multi national company with offices located in areas around the world. AXA Advisors provides a variety of insurance coverage for people.


One of the executives at AXA Advisors who knows a great deal about all types of insurance is Vinny Parascandola. A former insurance agent who made a name for himself in the insurance industry by producing great numbers as an insurance agent, Vinny Parascandola understands the choices that people have to make regarding insurance. As a result, he helps the employees at AXA Advisors to understand the concerns that people have about insurance.

UKV PLC: A Producer Of Finest Wine

If you are planning to talk about French wine, you should be very careful while talk as this isn’t a piece of cake. People who are an expert of wines usually prefer not to talk about such wines because they don’t know which topic to cover and which to choose. However, if you are a lover of French wine then you already heard of UKV PLC as one of the finest winemakers in the whole town.

As per UKV PLC, beginners must know what an appellation system is how it works as it is the very basic step and for those of you who don’t know about this, it would be hard to understand how French wine has made. People who love wines are already aware of seeing the diversity of grape that is on the product’s label.

UKV PLC specializes in the sale and also the acquisition of the most pleasurable and illustriously exciting Luxury Fine Champagne and Wine of the world. Though, wines labeled according to their origin. So, if you understand the picture of grapes, you will ultimately know the origin of that wine.

But the name of the controlled place would be identified as part of a government system which defines winemaking practices for appellation system that used by UKV PLC. And that’s why you must know what appellation system is and how it works. Use of appellation system means the product is of the utmost quality. And that’s the sole reason why UKV PLC is using appellation system.

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How Securus Technologies Keeps the Jail One Step Ahead of Inmates

I work in a very crowded and dangerous jail, and letting my guard down for just one second could be deadly. These inmates are looking around the clock for any opportunity to exploit our weaknesses for their gain. Every single day we confiscate weapons, drugs, and even cellphones, and despite our best efforts, the contraband continues to show up.


Now you might think that in a prison it should be impossible for the inmates to get their hands on all these illegal things. The inmates will tell you that they can get these items easier in jail than if they tried while on the streets. That posses a very serious problem for me and my fellow inmates.


To start the day, I work the visitors area, carefully checking every person that comes in the jail for anything they can give to the inmates. Even with this security measure, stuff gets by. The same with surprise cell inspections, the inmates are either tipped off or they know how to hide the items so well that we can not find them.


When Securus Technologies installed our new inmate communication system, we finally had the ability to turn the tables on the inmates. Despite their best efforts to disguise their conversations, the LBS software would tip us off to certain chatter that alerted us to contraband in the cells. Inmates have that need to brag, otherwise, why would they try to get away with so much.


Time after time, we now are able to pick up on conversations where the inmate is talking with family about how and where they hide their drugs. We strike fast, and within minutes have the cell open and find the items in question before the inmates can even react.


The LBS software has been invaluable in helping to curb drug use in our jail.


Discover why ClassDojo is the company to be associated to

ClassDojo is an organization focused on making a transformation in the education sector for all the students. The aim of the group is to connect the teachers, students, and the parents and bring in a lively study environment.


ClassDojo has attracted the attention being associated with the founding and developing the ClassDojo App that gets used in the classrooms. The App enables the sharing of videos, photos, messaging and other activities in the classroom. They make the class a bit of fun and lively to be part of it.


It has led to the app gaining popularity with 90% of k-8 using the App. Currently, they serve 180 countries. They also have different languages that make them communicate effectively.

The organization is diverting their focus from the traditional view of the classroom as a place where fits absolute numbers of individuals. Instead, they are building a class that has a chance for the parents to get included. They focus on seeing each person create a classroom of his wish.

The latest revelation states that ClassDojo has injected $21million in the development of the ClassDojo App. The App is aimed at bringing a more elaborate communication between the teachers and the pupils. By this way, the movements and the behavioral changes of the various students will be able to be monitored more closely. It will result in the parents and the teachers understanding the students in a more personal ground.


The advantage of the App is that it will make the teachers communicate with the parents freely. The parents will get acquired by the events taking place. It is a huge step as the attention will shift from the annual meeting to a regular interaction. It will result in overall success. As the app has gained the market share, there is the need to find a way to keep off the competitors. The company has engaged in an exercise to find other useful features that they can add to the app and make a lot of success in it.

Student’s Education Application

ClassDojo recently raised in excess of twenty-one million dollars for the funding of their technology company that connects students, parents and educators so that they can communicate easily and efficiently about the student’s academics and behavior in school. The normal system is that parents are updated about their student’s behavior during parent’s day or academic day hence caught by surprise. ClassDojo will enable them to communicate on a daily basis throughout the year thus consistent updates.


Sam Chaudhary and Liam Don, the founders and directors of ClassDojo, said that the funds would be used to determine the features and content to be included in their application and increase their team of expertise. The new features should be useful to the participants during school days and also holidays. Teachers are able to create their accounts and create students daily schedules which are visible to parents. They can also take photos and record videos or voice clips hence update the concerned parents.


The idea was first implemented in 2012 and grew rapidly to being the leading application used in the education industry. The application is currently serving more than hundred thousand schools in the vast United States and Canada. As of now, the application is yet to generate any revenue since the founders have concentrated in distributing the application. It has a confidentiality clause where the founders cannot use the information since it involves innocent children. The recent round of venture was sponsored by companies like SignalFire, ReachCapital and GSV. The sponsors view ClassDojo as any other social media platform but specifically built for educators. It is easy to envision parents and teachers buying content such as discussion guides, lessons, videos and custom yearbooks which can be used to increase the child’s knowledge. The application can also offer a payment platform for issues like field trips and lunch.

EOS Has the Best Flavors

Flavors are some of the best parts of lip balm. You might be wondering what makes EOS lip balms flavors the best. The short answer, they have so many flavors.

Organic Smooth Spheres

This set of flavors are the first ones you will probably run into. These flavors are alos the most common ones and some of the best ones you will find.

Passion Fruit

This flavor is a mix between a sweet fruit and a mild lip balm. This EOS lip balm is great for those that want a different kind of sweet flavor.

Strawberry Sorbet

This one is also a sweet fruit that has only a small amount of flavors. It gives you a long lasting flavor that feels great on the lips.

Visibly Soft

This line is a great start if you have lips that are a little chapped and needs some extra care. There aren’t as many flavors with this one, but they are good still.

Vanilla Mint

This flavor is great if you want a little sweet with your minty flavor. It gives you a tingly clean feeling while still smelling and tasting great.

Coconut Oil

This flavor is still sweet, but not as much as some of the other flavors. It gives a hint of flavor while still helping you lips.

Blackberry Nectar

This flavor gives more sweet than the others while still being soft on the lips and helping them to heal.

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There are a ton of flavors on the market today. These are just a few to help you get started.  Also, try visiting EOS on their page. You should try more than one if you aren’t sure about what flavor you will like the best. This way you will get what you want and you will be happy with your purchase. What are you waiting for? Give EOS a try, click and place an order now.

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EOS Visibly Smooth, Organically Made

EOS Lip Balm has been a premier choice in lip balm since it’s inception in 2006. It’s unique shape and variety of flavors has made this lip balm skyrocket to the second most popular brand of lip balm today.

Evolution of Smooth was created by Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller, after deciding that the lip balm industry was due for an upgrade. After holding interviews and gathering information from lip balm customers, they discovered a few interesting facts. One fact was that women were the primary users of lip balm, secondly, women often times complained that traditional tube shaped lip balm was often times lost in their handbags. Many women liked the concept of pot lip balm containers, but found that having to use their fingers to get the balm out was unsanitary.  To keep updated with EOS, follow them on

After gathering information, Mehra and Teller set out to create a lip balm that was not only unique, but fun to use as well. EOS prides itself in using organic, natural ingredients which are found in all their varieties of flavors.

Vanilla mint is a popular flavor of the balm, and it offers shea butter and vitamins C and E in the ingredients. The mint is cooling and the vanilla is a familiar warm flavor. These flavors combined glide on smoothly and clear over the lips for a softness that is felt all day long. Found in the familiar orb shape, vanilla mint comes in a blue and cream swirl orb to distinguish it from other flavors. For details, be sure to click on

EOS lip balm in vanilla mint is sure to add a wonderful flavor combination to your lip balm repertoire that last all day long. For more about EOS, visit their website here.

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