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Building a reputation may seem like a relatively easy task until you are actually trying to accomplish it yourself. Many people who are building their online companies know that the proper reputation can make all the difference. If this has been a problem for you in the past, it is time to think about hiring a reputation management firm. Reputation management firms help you to build the company that you always thought you were able to have and achieve. For a lot of people, this enables them to get the client flow and traffic that they need.

Once you realize how important it is for you to get online reputation management, it is all about finding and using a company that you know is going to be able to help you out. One such company is known as Better Reputation and they have a lot of experience to help you achieve your goals. What Better Reputation does is work with your company to build and repair its online reputation. This is ideal for brand new companies that have no reputation as well as those that have tainted reputations that need to be rebuilt to where people will want to use your services.

The great thing about using a company like Better Reputation is that they work with you on a budget you can afford. Once you make the decision to use the Better Reputation company, you will notice that they are able to help with growing your business. Businesses rely heavily on their reputations and this is evident when you have a tainted one that needs to be repaired. Once you begin using a company like Better Reputation, they do a wonderful job at repairing your entire company’s reputation and getting you back on your feet to better serve the people using your services. Make sure to contact Better Reputation to see if they can assist you and you will also want to ask about their prices and offers that they give to people who are looking for better online reputation management through a helpful and highly trusted online firm.


The Top Three Benefits of Shea Butter

Skin is the human body’s largest organ, and needs to be healthy to serve its intended purposes. Countless products are in existence that promise to stimulate healthy skin, but few companies keep their word. Shea butter, however, is a skin product that greatly contributes to flawless, beautiful skin. Topping the industry for centuries, this natural product offers a multitude of benefits that are both empirical and luxurious.


If you want skin that is soft to the touch, shea butter is for you. The fatty acids and vitamins found in this formula effortlessly promote healthy and soft skin. Moisturized skin is undoubtedly healthy skin, and that is essential to ensure your body’s overall safety.


Believe it or not, this cream has been a proven anti-inflammatory. The lupeol cinnamate found in shea butter combats unsightly inflammation and the discomfort associated with it. With shea butter, you can literally be comfortable in your own skin.

Goodbye, Bumps and Cellulite

The collagen-stimulating properties found in the mixture smooth skin naturally. The firming serum plumps up skin to make it look even more beautiful. Flaws are a thing of the past, and firming moisture is here to stay.

Of course, with the immense popularity of shea butter, certain products on the market are seemingly fraudulent, and do not deliver the expected benefits of the cream. EuGenia Shea, however, promises the benefits and surely delivers them.

The company prides its name in being ancient in origin. Eu-Genia actually means the origin of the goddess, and their products undoubtedly embody that concept. In fact, the founder’s mother, Eugenia, inspired the products that have set the company apart from their competition. The product of a Ghanaian midwife used the secret formula to create the butter the company prides itself on today.

Since the year 2000 and with the help of experienced farmers, the formula extended to new heights of success. Basing themselves on high standards, EuGenia undoubtedly produces raw and natural shea butter of superb quality. High in natural vitamins, this shea butter has testimonials boasting of its quality, and the company’s flawless execution of the formula.

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Break The Internet With Social Media Success

Lime Crime Cosmetics, the bright, colorful and fun Make-Up brand, created by CEO and beauty blogger Doe Deere, just exceeded two million followers on Instagram. According to Doe Deere, the pioneer of “on-lip” lipstick swatch; Instagram to her is not just a platform to promote the brand, but also to connect on a more personal level with customers. She encourages her fans and customers all over the world, and Instagram to be fearless and unique when it come to hair, Make-Up and personal style.

The native Russian moved to New York City with only seventeen, to pursue fashion design, at the Fashion Institute Of Technology. But Doe Deere didn’t just had an eye for fashion, but also an ear for music, Doe Deere (born; Xenia Vorotova) wanted to actually pursue a career in music.

For reason unknown, the music project was “put on ice”, and instead Doe Deere created a DIY fashion line called “lime crime”, that she sold, as an independent fashion designer, on eBay back in 2004.

Since Doe Deere had to model her DIY fashion herself and do her own Make-Up, but was dissatisfied what the Make-Up world could supply, she put fate in her own hands to create a Make-Up line full of electric colors, it should be illegal. Four years later, in 2008, Lime Crime Cosmetics was born. Cruelty-free Make-Up for eyes and lips with all colors the rainbow could offer. Vibrant, bold and high pigmented, exactly what Doe Deere always imagined. The unicorn queen doesn’t see Make-Up just to camouflage imperfections, but rather to embrace the freedom of being unique and yourself.

Making ecommerce a huge success for other indie brands, by believing in her brand and products, but also herself, she wanted to show critiques that women would buy lipstick online, if they see the product on actual lips, instead of being crushed or swiped on a piece of blank paper. Hence she introduced the “on-lip” lipstick swatch.

When Instagram became the hit and market tool on social media, Lime Crime’s profile, as well as Doe Deere’s gained a lot of followers instantaneous and worldwide. Doe Deere even promotes customer photos, who wear her brand on the Lime Crime website, so other consumers can see how the product looks on, but also to show diversity and creativity with each customer.

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Venezuela Working Out Payment With India

Over the past few years, one of the most concerning economic stores in the world has been the struggle faced by the nation of Venezuela. While many countries in the world have been struggling, Venezuela has had issues even meeting some of the basic needs of their citizens. Without the ability to ensure that the citizens are able to get fed, Venezuela is now considered a significant credit risk.
According to a recent publication (, one of Venezuela’s top creditors may have found away that they are able to get repaid by Venezuela, which will end up benefiting both parties. The Commerce Ministry of India has recently announced a new plan that will help Venezuela pay down their debt owed to India.

In the new plan endorsed by Jose Manuel Gonzalez, India will not simply have an open exchange of imports and exports with Venezuela. Instead, India will hold back a portion of the money that they would normally send to Venezuela. In most cases, the import from Venezuela will include oil and other energy products. Instead of giving 100% of the purchase price to Venezuela, India will end up holding back around 30 percent of the total amount in an Indian Bank. “These funds will ultimately be held until the country is able to repay its debt and come back into good financial standing with India and other creditors located across the globe” says Manuel Gonzalez.


Omar Boraie Helps Make New Jersey Great Again

Boraie Development is run by Omar Boraie, and it is opening its new luxury high rise called The Aspire. The story first came out in, and it shows that what Omar Boraie and his company are doing is making a difference in New Jersey.

There are a lot of people in New Brunswick who are trying to find better places to live, and they are looking for more nice places to appear so that the city will be a better place to live. The idea behind what Omar Boraie does is to help develop New Jersey into a great place again.

He has done a lot of work to make sure that New Jersey looks nice, and he works with city governments when they need help. They have asked his company to do a lot of work building new places for people to live and work, and The Aspire is going to be right by the train station where so many people are going in and out of the town.

New Brunswick is a popular place for people to live in New Jersey, and they are happy to live there because the city is right on the train line for people to get to work.

People who wanted to have a growing and nice place to live are getting that because of what Boraie Development is doing. There are many people who are going to be able to get a nice place to live when they move into The Aspire, and they will find new places where they can shop and eat.

According to PR News Wire, Boraise Development and Omar Boraie have been given awards and other accolades because of the work they have done in the state, and that includes places for people to work, shop and eat.

Boraie Development believes that the only way to make a city great is to build as much as possible. Omar Boraie believes that his company is doing the best work for the people of New Jersey, and he is using simple principles because he knows that that is the best way for people to get around the state. Read more: Explainer: How Downtown New Brunswick Has Emerged from Its Doldrums

Building near the train stations, helping people live in places where there is a lot of commerce and making every new building look beautiful helps build the morale of every community. That is the goal for Boraie Development, and it has worked once again with The Aspire. Read more:

Athleisure Makes the Dictionary

The English language grows each year. This is often done unconsciously whenever native English speakers discover new ideas. Some words fall out of favor and are never heard from again. However, a few make the cut to be included in the latest edition of the Merriam-Webster dictionary. As of 2016, one of the latest words to make it into the famous dictionary is the word athleisure. According to Emily Brewster, an associate editor for the dictionary, this stems from the word being used in a variety sources over an extended period of time. When did that period start? According to Merriam-Webster, the word was first used in 1976.

Ms. Brewster reports the word will be defined as “casual clothing designed to be worn both for exercising and general use.” Word geeks will be excited to see the word in the dictionary, but leading fashion companies, such as Fabletics, will be excited to provide the actual products behind the word. Founded in July of 2013, Fabletics is an online subscription retailer specializing in sportswear for men and women. Fabletics is partly the brainchild of the actress Kate Hudson.

Read more:
Kate Hudson to the Lazy-Girl Rescue: Steal Her Secrets for Wearing Athleisure at Night
Fabletics on Pinterest

Fabletics helps men and women fully embrace athleisure. After taking a survey to discover a client’s workout and lifestyle preferences, Fabletics puts together an outfit each month to be mailed straight to the client’s home. Each outfit is tailored to the client’s preferences. The outfit makes the client look terrific, and the monthly stream of new outfits from Fabletics helps motivate men and women to continue their exercise habits. In a very real way, Fabletics is creating the style behind one of the planet’s latest English words.

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The Care That the Hair Needs

While it is nice to have hair, it does require a lot of care. Hair needs to be washed, shampooed, conditioned, maintained and all kinds of activities. However, a lot of the formulas in the hair care section or online stores like sephora that will actually do more harm than help to the hair. This is because of the chemicals that have been put in the products. Chaz Dean has noticed that and has sought to put together something that is more friendly to the hair due to all of the natural ingredients that are thrown into the formula. This product has come to be called WEN Hair.
Wen by Chaz is one of the formulas that is very friendly. For one thing, it is created with a multitude of formulas in one. It is in fact a shampoo and a conditioner. The purpose is to bring about a greater condition in the hair. The person’s hair is going to be shinier and bouncier. An infomercial was released that showcased the results of the formula. The spokespeople in the program have shown impressive results from the use of the product. This has gotten people curious about using the shampoo.

Among the people that have become curious is a woman that has put the shampoo through a 7 day trial and reported the results on She has not only seen immediate results, she has also gotten complements from her facebook friends that she went out with. Overall, she was really satisfied with the results that the product has given to her. Wen hair is available in a lot of varieties. They are designed for different types of hair. With hair care, it is important for people to take care of their hair in ways that do not damage it or make them need to cut it off. For more info visit:

Dr Walden RecapThe South Central Texas Chapter Of The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society Nominates Dr. Jennifer Walden, Renowned Plastic Surgeon, For 2016 Woman Of The Year

Dr. Jennifer Walden of Lost Creek has been nominated for 2016 Woman of the Year by the South Central Texas Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Dr. Walden is the first physician to be nominated for the prestigious award, given to the nominee who raises the most money for blood cancer awareness in honor of a young survivor.

Nominees for Man & Woman Of The Year will compete to raise funds between March 23rd and June 4th. Votes are earned with each dollar raised and the candidates with the most votes will be the local winners, who will then go on to compete in the national competition. Anyone wishing to support Dr. Walden may make a donation here.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a renowned plastic surgeon with a thriving practice in Austin, Texas, with another office in Marble Falls, Texas. Dr. Walden grew up exposed to the medical profession, her father being a dentist and her mother a surgical nurse. She earned her undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Texas before obtaining her medical degree at the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she graduated as salutatorian.

After her residency, Dr. Walden moved on to a fellowship in New York City at the Manhattan Eye, Ear, And Throat Hospital. She stayed in Manhattan for another 7 years, achieving overwhelming success, also becoming a plastic surgeon expert for media outlets such as ABC, Fox News, Dr. 90210 and more.

Once she reached her late 30s, Dr. Walden decided she was ready for children. Through in-vitro fertilization she gave birth to twin boys, Houston and Rex. After their births, she decided to move back home to Texas. She felt it imperative to put her boys’ needs first, and that meant moving back to Texas where they would be surrounded by family. Moving back in 2011, Dr. Walden opened her practice in Austin and built it from the ground up very quickly before opening her satellite office in Marble Falls. Balancing her family life and extremely successful career, Dr. Walden is a fabulous example of having it all.

Is China’s Great Recession in the Works?

On April 20, George Soros repeated his recent warnings of possible trouble in the Chinese financial system. Essentially, Soros sees striking similarities between the way China is using debt to power continued growth and the events of 2007 and 2008.

This isn’t an encouraging thought for either Chinese or international business people and companies. The Great Recession on led to millions of job losses, a real estate industry at a virtual standstill, and a banking system that for a time was in real danger of collapse. Nevertheless, we need to listen to George Soros. Anyone who has made $24 billion playing the markets has to be taken seriously.

The Chinese have been borrowing to finance economic growth for years. All advanced countries do. So what is it about China today that is so alarming? According to George Soros, it’s the degree of borrowing. China’s economy is growing, but the country is borrowing at a rate that is not sustainable. In March, 2016, total debt grew by 2.34 trillion yuan, or $362 billion. By contrast, Bloomberg projections had estimated borrowing of just 1.4 trillion yuan. Equally alarming, most of this borrowed money did not go into new capital or property. Instead, it was used to shore up bad debts or keep unprofitable credit amounts on the books.

Chinese policy makers on insist that structural reforms will prevent catastrophe. They are expecting a gradual cooling off of the economy, or “soft landing.” Soros says China is more likely to experience a hard landing.

George Soros is an American of Jewish and Hungarian descent. He began building his financial empire in the 1950s. Making his base in New York, Soros guided his hedge fund to an average annual return of about 20 percent from 1969 to 2011. In one famous incident, he bet Britain would have to devalue the pound in the 1990s. When George Soros turned out to be right, he virtually broke the Bank of England and made about a billion dollars.

When Soros isn’t making money on the world’s markets, he is a prolific author. He is also an active philanthropist. Among other causes, he supports Latino voting rights in the United States and helping the migrants now moving to the European Union.

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Fabletics brings Swimsuits to Consumers

Fabletics has transitioned quite a bit since inception. Kate Hudson started this business as an online subscription service with athletic clothing, but the business has continued to grow. The business has been groomed with other businesses like JustFab, and this has allowed even more people to learn about Fabletics. The thing that has really allowed the business to grow, however, is the new addition of different garments.

According to the Elite Daily, swimwear is something that Fabletics is now branching out into. There is something that is new and enticing for people that have been shopping on the site. This is going to play an even greater part of the appeal as the company expands to 100 stores in next 5 years. There will also be dresses that are available for the Fabletics website. This is something that Fabletics is putting into the budget as the brand expands.

Kate has had a tremendous amount of success as someone that markets yoga pants and leggings. She is making people pay attention to her active wear line. The Coupon Lady posited that all of these different elements of the Fabletics brand has made it rather easy for people to connect with this clothing line and what she is doing. Her brother is overseeing the FL2 fashion line for men, and Kate has her hands and her heart tied into the Fabletics brand for women –

It is a popular brand that is going to be able to compete with even more stores now that the brand is expanding to swim wear and dresses. What fans love about this is that the brand still has great amount of style that is designed by Kate Hudson. She isn’t just a name that is linked to these swimsuits. To the contrary, she is also helping the designers with producing what she envisions. She also has her favorite picks.

Fabletics has managed to transition from the web to physical clothing stores. The brand has also managed to expand beyond workout clothing. This is what has made people flock to see what this brand is about, and Kate Hudson is excited about this.