A Review Of The Gift-Able EOS Crystal Lip Balm

Those who are interested in finding a lip balm option that is beautiful and that makes a great gift cannot overlook the EOS brand and all that they have to offer. This brand has recently come out with something that is new and different, and it is something that would be appreciated when received as a gift. The EOS brand has created a Crystal lip balm option that is made with ingredients that are different from the ingredients used in their other products. This lip balm is something that is vegan-friendly and it is something that is beautiful in design, also available here on amazon.com.

EOS has created many different products through the years, and they are a brand that gets noticed by many based on usmagazine.com. There are celebrities who use EOS branded products and there are people out there who believe that the products from this brand are better than the products from any other brand.

The EOS lip balms are made with ingredients that are supportive of lip health, read more. The ingredients used in these products actually change the way that lips look and feel, and they do that in a natural way. EOS is careful to use only ingredients that are safe and healthy for the lips in all of their products.

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Why Is All The Hype Surrounding EOS Lip Balms

EOS, also known as Evolution of Smooth, is the best-selling lip balm brand on the market today. The brand has only been in existence for under a decade, but it’s worth an estimated $250 million. During the summer of 2017, EOS released its Vegan Crystal lip balm, and it has shut the industry down. Vegan Crystal is the all-new kid on the block, but it retains many of the tried-and-true healthy ingredients. This includes jojoba oil, coconut, aloe vera, shea butter, antioxidants, vitamins and castor oil. This product also gets a lot of attention thanks to its brilliant appearance.

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Vegan Crystal lip balms are translucent, which means that you can see straight through the product itself. This one dynamic attribute has definitely played a role in its success because the product has completely sold out on its release date. That’s right! If you visited the company’s official website, and you tried to make an order, there wouldn’t have been any more Vegan Crystal lip balms left after a certain point in time. Its see-through formula captures your attention, but the product’s health benefits keeps you as a loyal customer. Consumers will no longer have to worry about dangerous chemicals, which are present in most oral products. EOS has switched its formula for the better as the products are now wax-free, are paraben-free and are petrolatum-free. Buy here now!

On top of that, EOS gives the public two tantalizing flavors, refer also to imabeautygeek.com. These flavors aren’t overbearing like many of its predecessors. You’ll get light and sweet glaze of flavor that remains consistent for quite some time. Your lips will definitely thank you in the long-run. At $5.49 per package, consumers can surely afford to purchase more than one at a time if need be. EOS is defying the odds, and it’s changing the game for oral care products.

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