Toronto’s Cameron Clokie Rejuvenates The Subject Of Bone Growth

Dr. Cameron Clokie has been fascinated with the idea of facial bone regeneration for many years and has putting the theory of facial bone regeneration to the test. Cameron has been performing the less invasive facial reconstructive surgery for years now with good results, changing the face of reconstructive surgery.

Before Dr. Cameron Clokie began his career in reconstructive facial surgeries, Cameron graduated in 1985 after obtaining his Doctorate of Dental Sciences (DDS) and PhD in bone regeneration from McGill University. After graduation Cameron started his own research group regarding bone regeneration at McGill University, which has been moved to University of Toronto where Dr. Clokie is head of the oral and maxillofacial surgery department.

Early in his career, Dr. Clokie spent his formitaive years studying under Dr. Marshall Urist, a pioneer in using BMP in bone regeneration. BMP or bone morphogenetic proteins are essential in growing new bone that were first discovered in the 1950’s. Dr. Clokie learned what he could from studying under Dr. Urist and has been using BMP for many years. Dr. Clokie uses the BMP mixed in with a gel-like putty that liquifies when frozen, but hardens when warmed up and sculpted into the piece of bone needed for surgery. When the bone starts growing back, the putty deteriorates leaving new bone in its place.

So far this minimally invasive surgery has been performed on eight patients with wonderful results. The healing phase is drastically reduced using this be procedure, from many months to weeks. Also, this procedure regenerates the bone, traditional surgeries need to harvest the bone from another area of the body, which increases healing time, causes more pain, and makes facial surgery more complicated.

Dr. Clokie has been pioneering this regeneration procedure for twenty years and ultimately envisions a bio implant process that will make traditional surgery defunct.

George Soros Brought New Changes to Philanthropy

When George Soros was just getting started with his philanthropic career, he knew there were a lot of things he would need to do to make a difference for other people. In fact, he knew there would need to be changes people had never done before so he kept that in mind while he was working to help people who were in unfortunate situations. The Open Society Foundation published information on George Soros and how he would help them even when he was first getting started. As a career philanthropist, George Soros is now doing what he can to help these people get the money and the education they need to truly have a better life. He wants to show them they can do more with their lives and they don’t have to be stuck in poverty for the rest of their lives.

Even when George Soros was just at the beginning of his career, he showed people how they could help themselves. Doing this is what set him up for philanthropy in the future. He chose that as his career so he could actually help people through the difficult times they were experiencing. He didn’t want to see anyone struggle anymore and chose to actually give them the best opportunity possible on their own.

For George Soros to do this, he had to focus on the philanthropic efforts he was going to do for people. Many of those involved sacrificing his own time and money. Conservatives didn’t like that, according to JPost. In fact, they didn’t want to see him make changes and help people because they thought he was doing it for his own good. They saw he would need to make these changes if he was going to save money on his taxes and they thought he was doing it for that reason.

He wasn’t.

In fact, George Soros only does philanthropic work because he cares about people. He doesn’t have to do this work. He has more than enough money and enough time to try and make things work for himself, but he has chosen to offer these things to people so they can have a better life. He wants to help people and feels it is part of his duty to do so. There are many other things he could do with his money and with his time, but George Soros knows he must leave the world a better place than it was when he came into it.

Even though people have chosen to demonize what he is doing by making him look like a bad person, George Soros is getting the best out of his life. He just wants to continue helping people with the issues they would normally have. He has always done things without any type of selfish reason and that’s what has made him the best he can be. George Soros likes to give people the things they need so they don’t have to want for things they can’t afford on their own.

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Jeffry Schneider Believes In Healing The Inside Before The Outside

Jeffry Schneider is a one of a kind entrepreneur. He believes in healing the inside before healing the outside. Most entrepreneurs focus entirely on bank accounts and their appeal to the public. However, Jeffry Schneider focuses on the mind and the heart before any business transaction. Jeffry believes business goes smoother when the mind is clear, and the heart is soft.

Jeffry Schneider is the originator of the workplace wellness plan. This program is designed to help coworkers be at peace with one another and with themselves. The exercises that Jeffry put together give people a reason to come to work. In fact, businesses that have adopted Jeffry’s wellness program have seen a fantastic decrease in absences among employees. Jeffry Schnieder travels throughout the United States giving lectures on his wellness plan and how business can benefit from it.

There are many positive reasons to have a workplace wellness program. This first positive reason is productivity. A workplace wellness program is designed to keep employees energized and enthusiastic the entire day. This causes employees to produce better work and at a faster rate.

The next positive reason to have a workplace wellness program is to make work fun. Specific activities can turn into fun and games. This causes employees to laugh with each other and enjoy their time together. Laughter places employees in a position to treat customers with respect, provide excellent service, and make the workplace a better environment for everyone. Additionally, turning a wellness program into fun and games also helps employees to turn away from their daily habits like cigarettes. Studies show that when people have fun at work, they are less likely to smoke cigarettes while on the job.

An additional reason for a workplace wellness program is to help managers lower healthcare costs. When people have a wellness program at work, aside from the common cold, they are less likely to get sick. Moreover, employees engaging in a workplace wellness program are also less likely to become victims of depression and anxiety. This allows employers to pay less to healthcare providers. Consequently, this also allows employees not to have to pay co-pays. In the end, employers and employees both win, and there are not many instances when both employers and employees come out on top in the same scenario.


Jeffry Schneider works in the field of investments and small business building. On any given day, Jeffry deals with millions of dollars and thousands of clients. When asked how he keeps a calm attitude all day long, Jeffry Schnieder credits his workplace wellness program. Instead of a burden, to Jeffry Schnieder, his wellness program is his relief from all distress. Jeffrey also loves the fact that the wellness program does not interfere with lunch, so employees have no reason not to attend the wellness program.

Jeffry Schnieder believes all employees should establish a wellness program, regardless of the industry. From experience, Jeffry is confident that a workplace wellness program will bring the employer and employees together. Employees love to see their boss work hard on a daily basis and relationship starters blog has really helped in making sure that they get everything that they may have ever wanted and it makes complete sense . A workplace wellness program allows employers and employees to meet on common ground. They will be doing the same exercises together. This can do nothing else but help employers and employees to have more respect for each other.

Jeffrey Schnieder is planning on refining his version of the workplace wellness program. This new and improved workplace wellness program is going to be put in writing and distributed as free weekly blog posts. Jeffry Schnieder makes this information open to the public because he wants all employees to at least give the wellness program a chance.

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