Give A Dog Beneful To See How Much They’ll Love It

There’s a great way to determine if a dog likes the dog food that they are eating. Pour the food into the bowl and watch to see how quickly the dog eats the food. If the dog is mildly hungry, then they won’t rush over to eat the food, but they may calmly walk up to the bowl and then indulge. While they are eating, engage their reactions, and see what they do during and after they eat the food. Dogs that like the food they are eating may continue licking the bowl, even after the food is gone.

If a dog doesn’t like the food they are eating they may not even finish eating the rest of the food, but they might just eat enough to be satisfied. Dogs are like humans in the way that they want to be satisfied with what they are eating as well as enjoying it. If a person gets food that they don’t like, they may possibly throw it up or maybe even throw it away. A person may start eating food and not finish it because they don’t like the food, and dogs are the same way. Dogs want food that they like, and this is something that’s easily achievable.

The best way to find a dog food that a dog will like is to search around or even go online to look for the best dog food. Those who search the Internet can easily find information about different types of dog foods that are available, and they’ll be able to determine which food would be most suitable for their pet. Although some dogs may eat any kind of dog food, there are certain dogs that are very picky and will only eat the best. Those who really want the best dog food will go straight to picking Beneful.

Beneful is a tasty dog food that has been around for years. Beneful is the brand of dog food on multivu that many pet owners will choose for their dog, and many dogs tend to love Beneful a lot. Some dogs have only eaten Beneful, so they don’t know what it’s like to reject food that they dislike. Many pet owners who have several dogs will feed each dog they get the same food, even if they own several dogs over a period of years. Beneful is food that has wholesome ingredients that are good for dogs, and dogs can get a lot of nutrition when eating Beneful.

Pet owners that want a healthy dog will ensure that the ingredients in any dog food they purchase has what their dog needs. Dogs don’t just need a good tasting food, but dogs will need food that will give them energy, help keep them healthy, and give them an enjoyable food. Beneful has other foods too, like snacks and treats, so any dog can enjoy eating different foods throughout the day, especially if they get a treat. Beneful is an excellent brand of dog food for any dog.

Bruce Levenson and His Businesses

Bruce Levenson is an American based businessman. He is the co-founder United Communication Group where he is also a partner. The United Communication Group was founded in 19977 by Bruce Levenson together with his partner Mr. Ed Peskowitz. He has continued to implement the business strategy at United Communication Group after twenty seven years. He has played a vital role in the company’s mergers and acquisitions. Before United Communication Group was founded, he was a writer for the Washington Star and Observer Publishing. He has also worked as the director at Tech He has also had a seat on the board of directors of the Newsletter and Electronic Publisher Association.
He is also an owner of the Atlanta Spirit LLC, which is currently known as Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta Hawks is also owned by other business men but Mr. Levenson and Michael Gearon Jr. are the majority owners. Atlanta Hawks is popularly known for owning and operating Philips Arena as well as a basketball team also referred to Atlanta Hawks. The owners of the Atlanta Hawks however decided to sell their stakes in the company. The company was put in the auction market where bidders were welcome to make their offer. As one of the Major owner of the company, Mr. Levenson had a great interest in its sell. He even hired bankers to assist him in getting a good offer. He had previously hired Goldman Sachs and Inner Circle Spots to sell Atlanta Hawks as well as the operating rights to Philips Arena. Goldman Sachs approximated that Mr. Levenson would get at least $1 billion for both.
Three experts also suggested that Mr. Levenson would get between $900 million and $1 billion from the sale of the franchise. Another valuation of the team and the arena’s operating rights placed it at a worth value of $825 million. Andrew Zimbalist, Smith College sports economist, estimated a price range of between $ 700 million and $750 million. A group led by Tony Ressler, Ares Management LP’s co-founder, won the auction with a bid of $730 million. The bankers that Mr. Levenson hired were off the price by a 27%.
Since 2004, Mr. Levenson has also been the Hawks governor on the NBA Board of Governors. He studied in Washington University where he earned his Bachelor of Arts degree and later joined American University in Washington where he acquired a law degree. Mr. Levenson is an active philanthropist for various organizations. These organizations include the Hoop Dreams Organization, and Community Foundation of Washington. He has also served as the president of the I Have a Dream Foundation. He is a founding donor to the U.S Holocaust Museum and has also made significant donations.

Finding Unique Places to Stay When Visiting London

Visiting London is as much about where you end up staying for the duration of your visit as what you see and do. A great spot can really change the way you see and enjoy the city, introduce you to some great dining options, and can even allow you to delve into the local culture in a way that you wouldn’t be able to at a more traditional lodging.

London is a city made up of several very distinct neighborhoods, and the one you decide to stay in for your visit shapes your daily activities. Many neighborhoods are filled with locals, folks that are Londoners through and through, so in these parts of town you can really get a feel for the day to day life of a Londoner. Other areas cater to tourists and visitors, so while the prices may be higher and the fare might not be as authentic, you will find a lot of options and convenience. It really is all about the location because every day, and throughout the day, you will be heading back into and through the same neighborhood.

Websites and services like LondonEscape helps you find London vacation rentals for any amount of time that you are traveling. Whether you want a place to call home for the week or just a weekend, every property that they help manage is able to give you what you are looking for in a London stay. The escapes are right in the middle of everything, in neighborhoods that families, professionals and students live and work in, which means you get an authentic London experience for your own trip. Regular travelers know all about the benefits of seeing large cities this way because it gives you a home base from which to explore.

Another very important aspect of traveling and staying in local accommodations is being sure that you are getting the best customer service and reliability. Being able to stay in contact with people, have problems that arise addressed as soon as possible, and have that insider knowledge is always great. Most travelers don’t like to book their stays without all of that in place. London Escape is able to provide all of its clients with that and more. Knowing that you have dedicated staff in the city that is able to address any immediate needs makes it easier to just enjoy the rest of your vacation.

Skout is best for meeting new people and making new friends

We have all had the one blind date from hell that is the one story that we all laugh and joke about having. I mean its fun to be able to have that story to share with others but it can also be an awkward situation. Why you are asking? Well here’s what you most likely didn’t think about is that you were setup to go on that date by someone you both know. When telling the story to others you most likely forgot that your friend is also friends with the other person. I mean blind dates are meant to be fun and someone that you should have a connection with however this is usually never the case.

A blind date can go good and can be something that works out well but this statistic is probably a low number. More role are turning to the online dating world no matter if its through an app or an online website. Sure there are plenty of sites out there and there are plenty of different ways to meet up with new people. I opted to use the app Skout to meet up with new people and here is why.

First of all I like the idea of being in control over my whole dating life. Many of the other sites on I once true using would instead send random people to my mailbox and some of them weren’t bad choices or options but some of them were just not at all close to what I was looking for.

Secondly, I may not have been looking for romance but instead someone that I could spend just a little time with being friends first and whatever following the friendship. Most of the people I came across were people only looking for a real good time instead of looking for a real connection.

Third, I like the fact that I could install it on my phone and tablet as well as with the internet on my laptop. I didn’t have to worry that when I was not sitting in front of my computer that I am missing put on something. If I am on the go then I can still stay connected and receive and send messages. I am not going to miss anything because I am still essentially connected. This was important for me since I work so much and am out of town often on business. I like the idea that I can be signed in on multiple devices all at once.

As you can see there are a number of reasons that I choose to use the app to meet new people and I only had to meet the ones that i was most comfortable with instead of just random people that were simply matched with me to make money from signing up and sending obscene messages to and from. At least with Skout I am sure that who I am talking to is someone that I actually want something to do with. That is what I like best about Skout.

Susan McGalla and How She made it in the Male Dominated Business World

Susan McGalla is an accomplished American business woman and director of strategic planning and growth for Pittsburgh Steelers. She is also the founder of P3 consulting firm, former president of the American eagle outfitters and immediate former CEO of Wet Seal Inc. As an accomplished female leader and entrepreneur she has gone against the odds to curve out a niche in this male dominated American business industry.
She was born and raised in East Liverpool, Ohio, along with his two brothers by their football coach father. Right from her childhood, she was exposed to male dominance but this didn’t hinder her leadership or entrepreneurial spirit. What it taught her is to be more aggressive while reaching for her goals without looking down on herself because of her gender.
Susan attended Mount Union College and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Business and marketing. She has maintained contacts with this college to date and presently sits on its board of advisors. From school, she joined Joseph Horne Company where she started her career working in different marketing and managerial levels.
In 1994, she left Joseph Horne for the American Eagle Outfitters where worked as the merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. She rose through the managerial ranks to being named the Chief Merchandising officer and president of the company’s American brand. Later on, she was named the Chief Operating Officer and President of the entire company. She made history as the first female executive director and president of the corporation. This was a major milestone especially at a time when there was very few women involvement in business.
After leaving the eagle outfitters, Bizjournals’ Susan McGalla joined Wet Seal Inc as the Chief Executive Officer but left shortly after to start her own firm, P3 consultancy. This is a private consultancy firm that offers advice to the retail and financial investment companies. Just recently, she was appointed director at Pittsburgh Steelers.
Her success has been as a result of hard work, commitment, and innovativeness. Throughout her career, Susan’s leadership and organizational skills together with innovativeness plays out prominently and may be seen as a major contributor to her rapid success. For instance, while she was president of American Eagle Outfitters, she led the introduction of two fast selling brands, the 77kids and aerie.
Her success remains a motivation to the many women entrepreneurs new to the world of business or those preparing to start. She is a living testimony that presented with equal opportunities women too can achieve as much as their male counterparts. She encourages more women to join the business world and advices those already in business to act as mentors to one another if they hope to succeed.

A Peek into the Profile of Lime Crime’s Doe Deere

She says that her love for makeup and fairy tales dates back to her childhood days. She always had the dream of creating a cruelty-free makeup brand, which would not only offer fascinating products but embody the idea of fantasy. Who is she?

Read on at to learn about Doe Deere, the CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics.

Doe Deere – Background

Doe Deere was born on June 15, 1981, in Russia, where she grew until she was 17 years old. In 1998, she, together with her mother and sister, moved to New York City.

In the US, she joined the New York – based Fashion Institute Of Technology where she studied fashion design and illustration. According to her, she enjoyed the course but dropped out early to set up her clothing line.

It was never meant to be a final destination, but a stepping stone in my entrepreneurial career. I began experimenting with making makeup around the same time and never looked back. I think people were always drawn to my look more than my DIY clothing line anyway. I’m very happy that things turned out the way they did

Clothing Line Business

After dropping out of college, Doe Deere started a clothing line with the name Lime Crime. She says that being an independent designer taught to understand trends. The clothing line was however not successful as expected. She considered it a stepping stone in her entrepreneurial career.

She began experimenting with creating makeup while holding on to her clothing business. She thought that people were more interested in her looks more than her clothing line; something she is happy about as it provided the platform upon which her cosmetics business was founded.

Cosmetics Business

The year 2005 saw Doe Deere begin her online career as a makeup artist. With time, she realized that her desired fantastical looks could only be achieved by high-performance makeup with intense colors.

However, what she wanted was still not available in the market during that time. This challenge served as the final push towards Deere establishing her line of cosmetics; that could meet the demands of eccentrics like herself.

In 2008, Doe founded Lime Crime, a makeup company. In 2009, she launched a selection of 10 Unicorn Lipsticks. With this, Lime Crime became the first company to introduce radical lip colors into the makeup market.

In 2012, she introduced valentines, which became the frontrunner in the widely popular liquid-to-matte lipstick fashion. This was followed by the release of Venus – The Grunge Eye Shadow Palette – in late 2014, which got sold out in a matter of days.


Through makeup, Doe Deere has managed to share her impulsive inner-world of ingenuity – a world devoid of color, style rules or boundaries. While many see her as just another pretty face with a makeup brush, she’s a businesswoman as well as an artist credited with being among the Top Inspiring Female Entrepreneurs, according to Self-Made Magazine.

Tips For Flawless Eyeliner Application Using Doe Deere’s Lime Crime Eyeliners

The perfect eyeliner can draw attention to your eyes and make you appear more glamorous and alluring. But many of us make mistakes when we apply it. How many times have you found yourself having to remove the eyeliner and start all over again because you did not draw a perfectly straight line? It might be your pet peeve to have uneven eyeliner. If it is thicker on one eye than the other you might find yourself clamoring for the eyeliner pencil or liquid wand to thicken the liner on one eye. But usually it just doesn’t look right and still isn’t even, so you find yourself trying to remove the excess liner which in turn removes part of your eye shadow. Around this time you usually frantically glance at the clock, realize that your make-up application is taking too long and worry about being late for work, school or meeting up with your friends for a fun evening. Eyeliner application does not have to be so stressful; these tips will help you to apply your eyeliner correctly the first time.

Make sure that your eyeliner is hugging your lash line. It is important to get as close to the lash line as possible to achieve your desired level of intensity. If you are new to eyeliner application, you might find this a bit intimidating. Beginners may find it easier to use a soft eye pencil to apply eyeliner. If you are using liquid liner, pay attention to the shape of the applicator brush. Ideally, it will be easier to get close to the lash line if you are using a brush that is a bit wider and flat. You can gently lift your eyelid to if you still need to be able to get closer to the lash line.

Apply your eye shadow before you apply your eyeliner. Even a very light layer of eye shadow will allow the eyeliner to hold better. This layer of eye shadow will also allow the liner to glide on in a smoother fashion.

Many women struggle with eyeliner because they believe it needs to be applied in one straight line in a fluid sweeping motion. Most of us do not have a touch that is steady enough to achieve this on a routine basis. Instead, start from the inner corner of your eye and draw your eyeliner about halfway across your lash line. Then stop and switch to the outer edge of your eye, drawing the line to connect the previously drawn line. This will help you to apply your eyeliner straight the very first time.

Doe Deere‘s Lime Crime on offers some very versatile shades of liquid eyeliner that are great for everyday wear as well as daring evening looks. The velvety black “Quill” is great for a day look, but the fun silver “Reason” and the dazzling gold “Rhyme” are excellent choices for dramatic eyes. “Rhyme” or “Reason” can also be paired with “Quill” if you prefer the bold double eyeliner look for a party.

Eyeliner application does not have to be intimidating. It might take a bit of practice, but if you follow the aforementioned tips, your eyeliner will be spectacular.

The Product Recognition Revolution with Slyce

Finding the right product online has gone through a dramatic change in the last several years and it is going to continue doing so with the help of Slyce. Slyce is a product recognizing service that is able to determine a product, brand and pricing through a simple image. This way, customers no longer need to try and match up specific keywords they are typing into a search engine with that of a product they are looking for online. It can be rather difficult for someone to determine what the right keywords are, and with hundreds, if not thousands of similar products online, it makes it especially difficult for anyone to be able to actually match up these different items with keywords. Due to this, it is much better to use the image recognition software currently being designed by Slyce and implemented into visual search fields around the world.

So How Does it Work?

The Slyce image recognition service is rather straight forward, but does a very important feature. When an image is uploaded into the search field, the Slyce product is able to identify it with the assistance of dozens of different identifying factors. This can be a range of dimensions to colors, shapes, and other variables that an individual simply would not type into a search engine themselves. The information and points of reference the online service picks up is then cross referenced with other content that is stored in the search databanks. This way, a more accurate product recognition is offered up and put on display for the individual.

What Images Work

Really, any kind of image can be used for someone who is looking to find a product. If someone wants to snap a picture with their smart phone of someone walking down the street holding a certain bag or a particular pair of shoes, they are able to do exactly this. On the other end, if someone has found a product online posted in an image but there is no information regarding a brand, they are also able to use this sort of picture. Really, if the individual has it in picture form, they are not going to have any kind of problem using it in the search fiend and having it cross referenced with the information that is already stored in the Slyce databanks.

It is no longer going to be difficult for someone to search online in order to find the right product they saw a friend walking with or someone on the street featuring. Now, all they need to do is use the Slyce image recognition service and they are almost instantly going to have the correct information at their disposal, without any sort of problem.

Hottest Teams in the NBA Off Season

When it comes to making a push toward a potential championship everything starts out in the off season. Sure, you’ll hear GMs and analysts talk repeatedly about the draft, and they aren’t wrong, but really you’ll see contenders constructed due to great free agency periods. When the Cavaliers can go from missing the playoffs to the NBA Finals in one single free agency period (salute to King James) then you know how important it is. So we decided to look over the 2015 – 16 field and grade the best off season work done by the various teams. We’ll highlight a few obvious choices as well as one underrated squad.

Los Angeles Clippers – Winners
Last post season we saw Los Angeles endure possibly the most devastating post season collapse since the New York Yankees got backdoor swept by the Boston Red Sox almost a decade ago. Losing to the Rockets after starting the series 3 – 1, LA knew they needed to make changes…and they did. The Clippers worked hard to re-sign their super star center in DeAndre Jordan and then they got active with free agents. The Clippers signed Josh Smith, Paul Pierce, Lance Stephenson, and Cole Aldrich and thus completely re-designed their roster.This should be an elite team and a dark horse candidate in the West to upset Golden State.

San Antonio Spurs – BIG Winners
When it comes to ensuring that your franchise never falters, you really have to focus on continuing the legacy of your star players. The Spurs are one of the winningest franchises in the past 20 years thanks in large part to Tim Duncan. Duncan is edging toward retirement so San Antonio made sure to grab his successor, much like David Robinson before him. The Spurs opened the checkbook to grab coveted PF LaMarcus Aldridge before doing some magic on David West to get the player to sign for a minimum deal. The Spurs are locked and loaded and ready to compete once more.

Atlanta Hawks – Winners
After owner Bruce Levenson sold the team to Antony Ressler many didn’t know what to expect from the Hawks in the coming season. However, Bruce Levenson and Ressler made sure to put fans at ease by getting busy in free agency. Ressler made re-signing Paul Millsap, who was coming off of a career year, a priority. Millsap signed on a three year deal with a player option for the third year. Then Atlanta went ahead and nabbed up Tiago Splitter and Tim Hardaway Jr while refusing to overpay for the services of Demarre Carroll. Atlanta was the top seed in the Eastern Conference last year and while we don’t think they repeat that performance, it seems very likely that they’ll trend toward an upper half playoff seed once more.

No matter which teams won big in free agency eventually the war of attrition sets in during the NBA season. With 82 games plus the playoffs looming, teams will have to make adjustment son the fly. Still, these teams set themselves up well for a potential championship run.

How To Select A Radiant Lip Color

Have you ever wondered how to find a lip color that will look magnificent on you? If you long to try a creamy new matte lipstick, but are unsure where to begin your search, fear not. Here are a few tips to help you select a new lip color that you will love. Sometimes a new color can make you feel infectiously happy, and of course your lips will look even more beautiful when you smile.

The newer lipsticks have a tendency to have a matte color that is creamy yet light. These luminous hues reflect light in a way that will make your lips look positively radiant.

If you are new to wearing makeup and wish to play it safe, then select shades that are within a few shades that are only a touch lighter or darker than your natural lip color. The color will look neutral and pretty without looking too fussy.

However, if you are open to experimenting with different shades much lighter or darker than your natural color, that’s wonderful too. Typically fair skin pairs well with blue undertones. Lipstick with blue undertones includes a wide range of pinks and rose colors. If you are especially daring, you could even attempt to wear a lip color that is sky blue.
Ladies with warm olive skin tones can also wear rich plums and as well as a matte beige. These colors have a tendency to wash out fairer skin tones. If you have dark skin, you will look ravishing in that deep crimson lipstick that everyone wants to be able to pull off.

Also, pay attention to your other features. If you have lighter hair a dark lip color is going to look even darker in terms of contrast. Also look at your teeth. If your teeth have a tendency to be a little bit yellow, your lipstick can actually help brighten them in an instant! Choose lipstick with blue undertones such as pink as well as plums and wines. If your teeth are pretty yellow, you might want to reconsider coral or orange-based colors; these will only attract more attention to yellow teeth.

Doe Deere on pinterest created Lime Crime to appeal to the demographic of women that crave bold and vibrant colors. Fair skin tones can sport beautiful colors from the Unicorn Lipstick product line including Babette, Great Pink Planet and if you are especially daring Cry Baby. The Cry Baby lip color is an unexpected shade of sky blue. Olive skin tones would look great in colors like Poisonberry or Cosmopop. Darker skin tones would look beautiful in colors suck as Glamour101 and Retrofuturist. Whether you wish to play it a bit safe or dial up the drama, Doe Deere’s Lime Crime has a stunning array of colors to choose from.

Select a lip color that makes you feel amazing. If makeup helps you feel more confident and beautiful, you will glow from inside out. Choose a lipstick that suits your temperament and outlook and you will really shine!