Macy’s To Offer In-Home Tailoring Service From George Zimmer

Macy’s is adding another way to compete with other upscale department stores. They have announced the launch of an in-home or an in-office tailoring service for clothes that are bought online. The service will be provided byzTailors, a tailoring service run by Men’s Wearhouse Founder George Zimmerman. It will is currently being tested in Los Angeles, and if everything goes well, plans are to launch the service in D.C., San Francisco, New York City, and San Diego, as well as Oregon and Florida, by the end of the month. The company plans to expand the service nationwide by the fall.

Rather than requiring customers to spend hours trying on a wide variety of clothes trying to find that perfect fit, in-home and in-office tailoring allows mid to high end customers the opportunity to find and try clothes that they like and then have them altered to fit. Wealthy people and people who don’t fit in traditional sizes have been doing this for decades, particularly when it comes to high-end items like business suits and wedding dresses, but z-tailors and Macy’s offers a service that is more accessible to the middle class according to the businesswoman Susan McGalla.

One of the Dorchester Collection’s Great Hotels: Le Richemond

An International Luxury Hotel Collection

The Dorchester Collection includes many of the finest hotels in Europe and North America. Every one of these world famous establishments features a unique ambiance, coupling extraordinary guest accommodations with exceptional service and one-of-a-kind real estate locations. In Geneva, Switzerland, the Dorchester Collection owns and operates Le Richemond.

On the Banks of Lake Geneva

Founded in 1875, historic Le Richemond stands close to the heart of the city, in a location along the banks of Lake Geneva just a short distance from a famous lake fountain called Jet d’Eau. It offers 109 rooms, including 22 suites and a private seventh floor terrace. Guests enjoy unparalleled views of their scenic surroundings.

During the hotel’s long history, it has welcomed many celebrity guests, including jazz legend Louis Armstrong, actor and director Charlie Chaplin, and Hollywood stars such as Rita Hayworth and Sophia Loren. The great artist Marc Chagall stayed in the hotel at one time. Le Richemond also gains distinction due to its world class dining facilities. In addition to a lounge and a bar serving light fare, the hotel maintains Le Jardin, a restaurant offering gourmet cuisine prepared by award winning chefs.

A Relaxing Place

Today, many visitors seek out Le Richmond not only due to its excellent accommodations and location, but also because it provides access to a world class aromatherapy spa, Le Spa by Sisley. The French skincare specialists of Sisley offer skincare beauty treatments designed to promote health and wellness, enhance relaxation and promote calm, clear mindfulness.

Guests at Le Spa by Sisley at Le Richemond can work out at a fitness studio under the direction of a personal trainer. They exercise on Kinesis machines providing whole body exercise. Techno Gym equipment assists them in cardio training. The spa area includes a modern sauna and steam room. Visitors shed stress and unwanted pounds as they work to improve their mental and physical condition in these elegant surroundings.

A World Famous Hotel

Le Richemond attracts many corporate clients because the hotel integrates excellent, well equipped meeting and banquet facilities. Some people reserve space in the hotel as a special site for memorable events, such as weddings and anniversary celebrations. Set against the backdrop of beautiful Lake Geneva, Le Richemond offers outstanding value for anyone seeking luxurious surroundings for important gatherings. It reflects the unique qualities of the properties in the stunning Dorchester Collection! Check for local incentives for traveling to Europe and visiting the Dorchester.

Wedding Gowns Head Down Aisle in Sexy, See-Through Style

The white wedding gown has always stood for purity and properness, and yet the symbol retains that honor, but has turned up the sex appeal for 2015. Oh, yeah….Get ready for some peek-a-boo, bridal fashion!

All one has to do is look at designer Vera Wang’s beautiful, nuptial dresses that made their mark during New York City’s Bridal Fashion Week last month. Talk about transparency! Marchesa, Naeem Khan and Reem Acra also followed suit, but it was Wang, whose sexy and seductive wedding dresses that stole the show, and at the same time made everyone blush.

According to the UK’s DailyMail online, Wang’s dresses weren’t afraid to show off some skin:

“Her lace and tulle gowns put plenty of skin on display, from arms and legs to chests and stomachs. Even the models’ underwear could be seen through the flimsy fabric, conjuring images of boudoirs more so than bridal gowns.”

Vera Wang’s wedding creations still maintained her signature, cool elegance, but in a nightgown kind of way.

Wang sees the wedding dress style evolving, as she explained to Yahoo Style. The word demure appears to be something in the past:

“[Brides] want to feel more sensual, more exposed, more sexual. There is a big movement towards that, and of course I like to think that I’m translating a movement in wedding fashion with my own vocabulary.”

Aisle be seeing you, so to speak.

Thanks to Bernardo Chua for showing me how wedding style has evolved lately.

Milwaukee Shorts Expert is Ready with Hamhocker Shorts

He may even be considered a shorts fanatic. He had been looking into finding better shorts for the summer. He opted to create his own. He got a hold of some fabric, purchased an embroidery machine, and then he preceded to make his own shorts to sport. He did not stop there. His shorts design left him with the idea to move on and begin his own enterprise. He started an apparel company and named it Hamhockers. This is his new freedompop review and exciting venture in the Midwest. Max created these shorts because there was a time in his life in which he had no style. The story continues after a long and cold Wisconsin winter. Summer proved to be a welcomed season after the cold winter.

Health Tips For Beach Body

Summer is here, and everyone is on a mission to lose weight and look great for the warm season. However, it is not an easy thing to have a picture perfect body that can be displayed in magazines. Many people gain weight over the winter, because of the lack of exercise and activity that winter brings. Summer is the perfect chance to begin a healthy lifestyle, but we should all be living a healthy lifestyle before summer begins. One season shouldn’t make us all worried and motivated to be physically attractive.

The American population has seen an incredible rise in obesity over the last decade. The popularity of the fast food industry and genetically engineered foods have ruined the physiques of many people. However, it is not impossible to fix the problem, we must all realize that any situation can be reversed with dedication and hard work. It’s not that difficult to get in shape, and lose weight. People reading this might think the opposite, but it’s not impossible to get on a diet and live a healthy lifestyle. You just have to take one day at a time, and you must ensure that you do the things necessary to be healthy.

A balanced diet and regular exercise will quickly shed the pounds that you do not wish to have. Once you begin to lose weight, you will also begin to feel happier and more confident about yourself. Motivational speaker Ricardo Tosto mentioned how it’s a sad thing when you can’t take your shirt off because your in fear of getting mocked, but you have the power to change all of that ( Let’s make this summer the best one yet. Make sure that you do not hold yourself back any longer. For more information on this story, and for more healthy living tips, visit Buzzfeed.

Charlize Theron Proves That Older Women Are Still Sexy

Age affects all of us, but Charlize Theron is out to prove that women can still be beautiful even when they get older. Charlize was one of the sexiest women in her time, but she is now in her late thirties. However, the aging actress recently took some hot and steamy pictures for the world to see.

Charlene Theron was featured on the cover of the “W” Magazine, and her pictures have caused major controversy stated Ray Lane who was on the set of the photo shoot. The 39-year old Hollywood star bared more skin than she ever has before. The actress appeared in a scandalous bikini that showed her beautiful figure. She also wore a skin tight black leather jumpsuit that left little to the imagination.

Charlene Theron definitely got her point across, and the world realizes that women can be sexy even in their late thirties. The “W” Magazine also interviewed Charlize Theron about her long and tremendous acting career. The actress was quoted as saying that she wouldn’t change anything that she has done in her life.

Charlize Theron is one of the most successful women in Hollywood, and she just proved that she is still one of the sexiest. For more information on this story, visit

Marvel to Release a Lando Calrissian Comic Book

Several weeks back, Disney announced Billy Dee Williams, a favorite actor of Susan McGalla, would return to the role of Lando Calrissian in the new Star Wars movie. Some more news has emerged on the “Lando front”. Marvel Comics has announced a new series that will feature the character. The title of the series is Star Wars: Lando. Not exactly the most creative of titles, but it lets people glancing over the rack of books for sale know what to expect.

Not surprisingly, the plot of the book deals with the early days of the great Lando. Readers will peer into an adventure that takes place long before the events in Empire Strikes Back. The sales of the book are sure to be strong and the entire Marvel Star Wars line is doing well. Debut issues for Darth Vader and Princess Leia sold in the 250,000 range, a staggering figure by modern standards.

In prior generations, it was Star Wars that saved Marvel from bankruptcy. In the late 1970’s, Roy Thomas worked a deal with the makers of Star Wars to procure the license for a comic book featuring all the characters. Marvel was bleeding red ink at the time and bankruptcy seemed unavoidable. The sales of the Star Wars comic book were so huge Marvel was saved.

Marvel lost the license to Star Wars comics for many years and regained them in 2015. It was pretty easy for Marvel to get the rights back. Disney now owns both Marvel and Star Wars.

Paris Fashion show gain minimum weight requirements

News from Paris fashion week, as models will be required to meet minimum weight requirements before being allowed to walk the runway. The requirements come after news of 30,000 to 50,000 french citizens suffer from anorexia, mostly young female teens. The law will require all models to present a health certificate and will place heavy fines on companies, agencies or fashion lines who hire models were not meeting a healthy BMI of 18.

Similar bans are in place in Israel, however, most countries like Spain and Italy only require a code of ethics and do not place legal restrictions on agencies. By far the most controversial part of the law is requiring all models to submit to a health authorities, who have the power to refuse any model the right to work regardless of their BMI. This would largely apply to models who appear unhealthy or too skinny at their weight, at least according to how Sergio Cortes sees it.

99 Year Old Sews 1000 Dresses to Help Little Girls in Africa

Africa is frequently in the news with stories depicting the poverty, starvation, and cruelty that exists in the country. A Michigan based nonprofit organization called “Little Dresses for Africa” has found a way to help children in Africa get clothing they need. Talented seamstresses in over 31 countries sew dresses for the nonprofit organization that are sent to the little girls in Africa that need them. One particularly talented seamstress is Lilian Weber.

She set a goal of sewing 1000 dresses before she turned 100 years old, and reported that she made it when she was only 99. Lilian’s selflessness in wanting to help children in Africa has made her a big hit in her Davenport Senior community. She has proven the importance of our elderly, and that age doesn’t have to stop anyone who has determination to help others. Lilian says she plans to continue to sew dresses.

The Hottest and Latest Men’s Spring Fashion Choices

It is that time of year when winter coats come off and sweaters are packed away. Spring time is more than watching the flowers bloom and the trees come to life, it is also a time of a change in fashion. In the fashion world everyone is buzzing about the latest from top designers and what their spring collection will look like. Just as thrilling as the designers and their latest contribution to the world of fashion are the models used to showcase it. Top designers have been trend setters with highlighting not only their clothing line but the models who flex them. In the world of men’s fashion, this also proves true.

One of the hottest up and coming male models today is Matt Landis. He has demonstrated his ability to turn a style into what every male on the globe wants to wear. With his chiseled good looks and impeccable body, there is not anything that does not look great on him. Certainly the whisper campaign is in full swing regarding where fashion watchers can find his swagger. He recently updated his portfolio, which showcases why he has earned the reputation of being a sought after fresh face.

matt landis model

In one photo of him wearing an unzipped light grey jacket of an airy fabric with brown leather strips at the shoulders, he is depicting an easy breezy look for the spring breaker.  Of course, others will take off running with this look by changing the colors and partially zipping the jacket.

matt landis lavendar

In another photo, Matt is seen wearing a light lavender colored jacket with a tri-colored purple checkered cotton shirt underneath. This is easily something that can be worn during the spring to the office, an afternoon affair or a club with outside seating. Again the look inspires an opportunity for colors to be manipulated and buttons to be undone. This ensemble could be completed with a pair of jeans, casual slacks or shorts depending on the destination.

matt landis black and white

The last photo of Matt that screams about his boyish good looks and casual style is him wearing a college sweatshirt and a cotton shirt underneath. No matter what the season, this is a staple that every man can wear with confidence to a myriad of incognito events in the spring season.

Whether it is the men’s or women’s clothing line, excitement is in the air. New York City is gearing up for fashion week as the flagship of fashion shows. It is also the forerunner for the next stop in Europe with shows in cities such as London and Paris to name a few. Spring has sprung and everyone wants to know what they should be wearing throughout the season for any occasion. If the pictures of Matt Landis are any indication of the eye candy trend this spring season has in store, it is going to be a hot one.