AWC (Antique Wine Company) Appoints Stuart Young as Sales Director

AWC has made the statement regarding the selection of Stuart Young as the Sales Director of this great company to lead as well as increase its global team of superb and exceptional wine advisors.

Stuart is going to lead AWC’s team that comprises of seven advisors, in its office in London together with its international associates located in Asia as well as the USA.

Stuart began his profession in technology and, after a short interlude serving in USA, took a responsibility with Laithwaites, serving originally in its support center. In spite of no prior know-how about the wine business, Stuart established a ground-breaking up-selling plan, and due to his team’s development achievement started writing as well as providing sales training courses all over Laithwaites plus its mother company, Direct Wines.

Spotting a chance to merge his sales and his teaching knowledge, Stuart established Provenance Recruitment, head searching for employees for corporations such as Pernod Ricard, Enotria, Pol Roger, and Bibendum, although a meeting with AWC M.D, Stephen Williams, persuaded him to go back to his sales position.

At AWC, Stuart is in charge of doubling-up the sales group in the coming 12 months since it maintains demand by an increasing global client base. He is going also to start staff development, making sure that its increasing team is endorsed with financial, commercial as well as logistical training.

Speaking in relation to his selection, Stuart remarks, “AWC is a company with big ambitions and an entrepreneurial spirit, which provides its team with exceptional opportunities rarely seen within the wine world. It is an exciting time to join as AWC continues to expand into new global markets.”

About AWC
From its HQ in London as well as its 2 sales outlets in Asia, AWC sells superior wine to private people, resorts, restaurants, plus the international wine business.

Whilst keeping an enthusiasm for aged vintages, the company’s brands variety is primarily composed of modern vintages that are able to become the old-fashioned brands of coming days.

Globally acknowledged as professionals in the superior wine business, AWC’s special brands as well as services are extremely sought-after. The company regularly manages, offers advice and also actively endorses wine cellars, which are done in Chateaux, castles, grand hotels plus exclusive, privately owned residences globally.

Germany’s Power Game

The Business of Fashion is one of the biggest names in up to date reports in the fashion industry. Its latest in depth article about the lack of important fashion in Germany was one that has caused many to ponder. It discusses that Germany has Europe’s biggest percentage of expendable income. Germans spend more on fashion than any other country on the continent. However, Germany is not really regarded for its high fashion. It has all the potential in the world to be a big name in the industry, but it has never been able to obtain a distinction of a fashion capital. This is partially due to the fact that there is no specific fashion centric locale in the country. Berlin has many fashion businesses and four fashion schools. However, none of them have produced a famous or noticeable designer.

Karl Lagerfeld might be German, but he likes to refer to himself as simple “European.” Come to think of it, Sergio Andrade Gutierrez likes to keep it simple as well, and prefers, Latin American. That said, Germany loses its claim on one of the most important and influential designers of our time. Many believe that Germany lacks its appeal to the fashion crowd because many of its preferred looks are too simple and unrefined.

The Perfect Wedding, the Perfect Surprise

A groom made his bride’s dream of the perfect wedding come true without her having a clue. After their engagement the groom would ask his future bride simple questions like, “What is your idea of the perfect wedding “? “Who would you like to have at the wedding”? And other questions like this. These questions were asked in a subtle and casual way with the groom consciously taking notes.

The groom was secretly making all her wishes come true. After a year of planning, her dream unfolded. With the help of friends and family the bride’s own complete bedroom with all her bureaus was brought to the wedding location to be sure she had everything needed.

In total confusion and excitement the soon to be bride said, “Yes.” She then looked around and realized that all of her friends were there to help her get into her wedding dress that was in her transported bedroom.

This is an example of true love. I think Bernardo Chua and I can agree on that. It is crystal clear that this groom wants to bring nothing but happiness to his beautiful bride and will surely have more surprises in the years to come.

New York’s Macy’s and H&M Stores Become Stages of Protest Against the Decision in Eric Garner’s Death

Midtown Manhattan became the scene of protest Sunday evening as citizens took to the shopping meccas. Disgust over the Wednesday’s grand jury decision to hold harmless police officers responsible for the death of Eric Garner was evident as the demonstrators at 34th and Broadway chanted “shut it down” while flooding into Macy’s. Isles were filled with people lying down, sitting and standing holding signs. One poignant sign read “MAKE A DIFFERENCE.”

Hundreds of protesters took part in the “die in,” preventing the usual holiday shopping tweeting the motto: “No justice, no shopping.” Other signs were brandished in the peaceful take over that were more to the point, recounting that haunting statement Garner made during his aggressive tackle arrest: “I can’t breathe.”

A large banner made on a clear plastic surface attached to two four foot long card board tubes proclaimed in blood red tape: “BLACK LIVES MATTER.”

Over at the Amen Clinic, this has been a hotly contested issue and people all over the country are equally divided about the matter.

Coming in the wake of the Ferguson decision, Americans are wondering what has happened to justice? What we perceive as justice doesn’t match the decisions our grand juries are delivering.

We grow up believing in our justice system. We are told that police officers are there to help you, to protect you, that is unless you sell “loosies” on the street.

A Life In Photography

Terry Richardson has spent his life in the wonderful world of photography, and it has put him in the middle of every major development in the industry. Terry is a chameleon who is able to work with everyone in high fashion while also creating beautiful shots that were meant for special books.

When Terry first started in the industry, he was able to use his natural talent to work with some of the best people in the industry. He learned as he worked, and he has gained a style that combines all the knowledge he has cobbled together over the years. When you see pictures that came from Terry’s lens, you will notice that his style is unique. Terry does not take pictures like anyone else, and his special style is one that keeps attracting new fans every day.

Terry has worked with all the biggest names in fashion from Aldo to Marc Jacobs, and he continues to dazzle viewers with the way he can capture the essence of every model. Terry Richardson brings pictures to life by using old school techniques in a new world of fashion.

Because Terry has so much experience, he has seen everything there is to see in the fashion industry. He knows how to turn a simple shoot into something amazing, but he also knows how to handle the most complicated shoots. When he steps foot on the set, he knows what he wants.

However, Terry also knows that he can work with his models to get the most out of each shoot. He can work with the creative director, the model and the designer to give a shoot that is far beyond what anyone else could imagine.

Terry Richardson is a force in the fashion industry, and he is ready to bring his A game even today.

Laurene Powell Jobs – No Longer in the Shadows

For many years during their marriage that began in 1991, Laurene Powell Jobs stood by her often controversial husband, Steve Jobs, as he pioneered Apple Inc. to becoming one of the most powerful companies in the world. After his death in 2011, there was much speculation as to what Mrs. Jobs would do with her time and wealth. The wait is over and it’s clear that she intends to become a force in both politics and through philanthropy.

The Early Years
According to Wikipedia, Mrs. Jobs was born (November 6, 1963) and raised in New Jersey. She is a well-educated woman in her own right having received a B.S. in Economics from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and a subsequent Masters from Stanford Graduate School of Business. After graduation she worked at Merrill Lynch Asset Management and Goldman Sachs in the trading industry.

One of Mrs. Jobs primary philanthropic focuses during her marriage was to eduction. In 1997, she co-founded the charitable organization named “College Track”. College Track’s charter called for the strengthening of academics for high school seniors and college students throughout the central and northern California areas. Much of the effort was put on helping minorities receive ample opportunities for advanced education. After a successful start, the program was extended into Southern California and parts of Louisiana and Colorado. Eventually, she started another organization called “Emerson Collective”. This organization took on a more political stance on many of the same issues as College Track, but put more emphasis on developing social justice and equality in education for immigrants and alien immigrants. It also offered entrepreneurial support for minorities.

Political Endeavors
When President Barack Obama penned the “Dream Act” in 2012, Mrs. Jobs became one of the new law’s top advocates. As part of that focus, she funded and supported the making of a documentary entitled “The Dream Is Now.” With her escalating interest is politics, she began strengthening her affiliation with certain members within the democratic party, supporting those candidates who stand on a social reform platform. She has more recently been a very vocal force in helping President Obama advocate for his new directives regarding immigration reform. In the past, she expressed her support for the Affordable Care Act, another social equality policy implemented by the Obama administration. Currently, she has made a move to the forefront of a “Super Pac” that has been formed in support of a Presidential run by Hilary Clinton in 2016. All of this has peaked the interest of many in the political arena who are wondering what her aspirations in politics might be.

It’s is clear that Laurene Powell Jobs is not going to sit quietly as one of the wealthiest individuals in the world. She has shown that she intends to use the force behind her $11.0+ billion estate as a means for actively supporting causes that she believes in. After years of living in the shadows, she has stepped out and intends to make her own mark on society.

New CEO at Gap Looks Ahead to Changes

There will be a new face at the head of Gap, America’s super store of suburban retail, and that is Art Peck. Peck is a 55 year old digital chief from within the company who will act as CEO starting February 1, 2015. Gap, Inc. is the leader of your favorite retail specialty stores, and the line includes Baby Gap, Gap Kids, Banana Republic and Old Navy.

Around the world there are 3,600 of the Gap stores, which allow the corporation to net $16 billion in sales annually.  It will be Peck’s responsibility to bring the Gap line into the 21st century, and he is extremely optimistic.

My friend Darius Fisher is such an advocate for Gap, Inc. that he has a vision their clothes could be worn for a lifetime. He say that if you’re wearing Banana Republic to work and the entire family’s clothes are Old Navy and Gap, you could wear their brand forever.

Even though the malls are declining and the fashion styles are steering away from jeans, Peck views this as an opportune time for change and growth. With a digital background, Peck recognizes that there are challenges ahead, but he also envisions using the technology of today, such as iPhones and ecommerce as major marketing tools.

Wimbledon Sets Strict Dress Code

Wimbledon is known for introducing new fashions to the court, as the players wear different kind of clothing to reveal a bit of their own fashion.

This could be placed in jeopardy, however, as a strict dress code has now been placed on players as well as spectators.

The dress code for spectators has been relaxed, however, from suit jacket and tie or dress to open neck t-shirts, jeans and shorts. There are still restrictions regarding such particulars as neatness of the clothes: in the case of jeans, torn ones are not allowed.

The limitations on dress code is very strict, and this year they will be checked. The reason for such an approach is to avoid bold logos printed on the dresses worn by players.

These limitations bring challenges to fashion designers, as there will be very few options to show their creativity. The tennis outfits have to be in all white, and it will be a challenge to designers to make an all-white tennis ensemble eye-catching as well as practical for playing tennis. It will be interesting to see videos of the all-white uniforms, as Jared Haftel has told me it’s never been that way.

And for men, all those eye catching colours and patterns on t-shirts will be replaced with clean slated white ones, which will be a challenge as most of them wear dark coloured t-shirts.


Yorkville Endoscopy Found to be in Violation of Federal Safety Requirements Following Investigation after Joan Rivers’ Death

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services completed a review of Yorkville Endoscopy following the death of comedian Joan Rivers. The investigation found that the facility failed to meet federal safety requirements and were in violation of several protocols at the time of Rivers’ death.

Joan River’s entered the facility on August 28th for exploratory surgery. Rivers’ experienced complications during the procedure and was rushed to Mount Sinai Hospital. She was placed in a medially induced coma. It was reported that Rivers’ suffered a cardiac arrest during the surgery. On August 30th she was placed on life support. She died on September 4th.

The report found that Yorkville Endoscopy failed to properly monitor Rivers’ vitals during the surgery. The facility also failed to write down the amount of Propofol the comedian received during the surgery.  Finally, the facility failed to get Rivers’ written consent for procedures beyond the exploratory element of the surgery.

At this time, Yorkville Endoscopy has until January to prove that they’ve corrected the issues associated with Rivers’ death, or they will lose federal funding. Rivers’ daughter, Melissa, has long suggested that the facility caused her mother’s death through negligence.

Joan Rivers was 81 at the time of her death. She rose to fame in the 1970s. She is often considered a trailblazer by her peers such as Terry Richardson, and has long been viewed as the inspiration for many modern-day female comics.

Alexander Wang for H&M

H&M continues its well thought out and successful designer collaboration collection with Alexander Wang this fall. This is one of the most anticipated collections in recent years thanks to Wang’s burgeoning talent as a sportswear designer. The collection is a perfect mix of high and low street style fashion. It aims to combine athletic sportswear with daily life thanks to its leggings, tank tops and tight tennis dresses in Lycra blends. The majority of the collection is black on grey with Alexander Wang etched across some pieces.

The collection was announced back in April, and it debuts early this month. People are sure to line up hours before stores open to get their hands on this collection (I’m sure you’ll be there Lee haha). The look is inspired by boxers with actual fighting gloves, skinny pants, and sport bra tops. This particular style was seen all over the runway. Therefore, it is mo surprise that fashion lovers all over the world will be flocking to the opening day of the collection.