Rebel Wilson Teams Up For Valentine’s Day

There’s seemingly always been a place in the entertainment universe for a female comedian who will go all out and do just about anything for a laugh. These types of entertainers are especially lovable, as they go to greater lengths for a laugh that most of us might be able to, but lack the nerve to ever really do in “real life.”

In this way, these stars give us a huge release in the form of major belly laughs that keep us smiling for days. There’s no doubt that Aussie actress extraordinaire Rebel Wilson is one of those performers, which is why news of any new movie from her is absolutely welcome.

Getting Set For a Fun Valentine’s Night

With her energetic personality and pretty blonde looks, you’d think Rebel Wilson would have numerous hot dates lined up for Valentine’s Day. The truth, however, is that, as she told her friend Miley Cyrus, she never has had a date on Valentines.

Learning that, the newly married Cyrus suggested that Rebel join her and her new husband Liam Hemsworth (who is co-starring with Wilson in the upcoming rom-com, “Isn’t It Romantic?” for a “throuple” date. Wilson and Hemsworth’s new film will open just after Valentine’s Day, so the timing seems perfect for a three-star night out.

A Comedienne Scene-Stealer

Rebel Wilson is one of those engaging personalities that always seems to take the spotlight, no matter how big of a star she is performing with. She starred with Kristen Wiig in “Bridesmaids” and Cameron Diaz in “What to Expect When You’re Expecting,” and Anna McKendrick in “Pitch Perfect,” and ended up getting a big share of the laughs in every film. Now that’s star quality, Rebel Wilson style!

From Australia to the US

The fact is that Wilson waited until she was thirty to actually pick up and move to Hollywood. She didn’t hit town as a newcomer, however, as she had established some great comedy credits back home in Australia before she headed to Los Angeles. She hit a home run early on by starring in “Bridesmaids,” and she’s been a much-sought after screen presence ever since.

Her new film with Hemsworth is a fun take on the whole idea of Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy) films, and there’s no doubt that Wilson will bring her signature “rebellious” style to the romantic matchup. She’ll likely get some practice in the art of comedy and romance by teaming up on Valentines’ Day with Cyrus and Hemsworth, so let the comedy games begin!

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