The Crystal Ball of EOS

The Evolution of Smooth or better known as EOS has done it again with their incredible line of egg shaped lip balms. The line of lip products burst onto the scene and started popping into purses and backpacks everywhere. The newest product in their line is the Crystal Lip Balm with a see through top. The balm is 100% vegan and when once opened the lip balm inside is crystal clear, hence the name. This fun and new lip balm is selling out online but will be available at stores like Walmart. Hibiscus Peach and Vanilla Orchid are the delicious flavors offered in the Crystal collection.

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EOS has been offering customers a fun new way to keep their lips well taken care of for the last 8 years. Coming out of nowhere the little egg shape designed glosses really hit a nerve with the public. Their packaging along with the quality product it held has taken the lip balm industry by storm. The product line is organic which appeals to customers and now with the removal of beeswax in it’s Crystal Lip Balm there is now a vegan choice. Evolution of Smooth continues to be an innovator in the industry, jump over this site.

EOS has used their ingenous packaging idea and their lines of delicious flavors and sparkles and colors to create a social media sensation, refer also to The marketing behind the product on social media has helped to make this product what it is today. Year after year EOS has had their products in fashion and beauty magazines best of sections or great gifts to buy. Even celebrities have jumped into the action showing pictures on instagram of they themselves using these great products.


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