Vegan EOS lip balm

EOS or Evolution of Smooth, is a company that has reinvented the way people use lip care products. The company decided balm no longer needed to be as boring as it was. The founders of the company found that the traditional stick or tube style lip balm was just plain and very depersonalized. With that in mind, they created the EOS lip balm. The product has taken over the lip care market, ending up in the purses of some very popular celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Miley Cyrus. The balm itself is encased within a colorful pod. The pod is smooth and spherical. The top of the pod unscrews to reveal the pleasant balm. The balm has a taste and smell like no other balm on the market. The company has had a dramatic spike in sales over the years. They have become extremely successful ( The pods can be found at many major retailers such as Target or Walmart. They go for around four bucks a pop.

EOS recently released an upgraded version to their lip balm. This version is called the Crystal EOS lip balm. Hence the name, the balm has a crystal clear look. It is totally transparent. The balm has also been modified as it is now totally vegan. It is available in two blissful flavors including Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The balm is enriched with a handful of oils that add hydration to your lips. The balm is clear due to the removal of beeswax. This wax is the cause of the heavy feeling associated with traditional balms. Don’t worry though, the new lip balm still packs some serious hydration power. The new product goes for around $5. It has driven sales off the charts. The new balm is a real deal lip product, check


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